YDYS Trading Review | Philippine Investment Scam

YDYS trading review: YDYS stands for ‘Your Dream Your Success’. YDYS is a trading commission headed by Mar Albert Pondang Hidalgo. They have been enticing people to join in their investment program ranging from PHP 300 up to PHP 50,000 with a 250% ROI in 45days.

YDYS is a shady program. First of all, what happens to be the YDYS trading’s website is just an affiliate log-in form. It contains no information on the executives that runs the company or any physical location of the company.

On April 21st, the Philippine SEC issued a fraud warning on the YDYS trading commission. That was exactly 60 days from the registration of the website on 19th February 2022. According to the fraud warning issued by SEC, Mar Albert Pondang Hildalgo is the head of this crypto investment program.

YDYS Trading Review:  Ownership of YDYS

The fraud regulator by the philippine SEC revealed that Mar Albert Hildago is possibly the head of YDYS trading. The only information we could get about Albert Hildago came from his Facebook profile.

In 2020 Hildago was marketing immune-boosting equipment that could be beneficial in surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. Later in 2021, he was seen as a promoter for PMS Prime 98 select, a multi-level marketing company that claims that its products are very necessary for good health.

All of a sudden the same Albert Hildago resurfaced in February 2021 as a crypto guy and started this YDYS Trading. There are no records showing this investment program’s source or starting capital.

We are talking about a guy who metamorphosed from being a MLM promoter to launching an investment program with a 250% return on investment in 45days! Is that not a red flag?

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YDYS Trading Review: Membership Enrolment

YDYS trading OPC is a Philippine-based investment company. It is meant for Philipines to invest and get a 250% added interest at the end of their investment plan.

To enroll for the YDYS trading as an affiliate, you will fill out a form on the company’s website and buy an investment plan. The investment plan ranges from 300 PHP to 50,000 PHP. All membership plans expire after 45 days of activation.

Affiliates will have to reactivate their membership at the end of these 45 days by purchasing another investment package. Income is determined by the amount invested, the higher the investment the more cashback at the expiration of your plan.

YDYS trading Review: Investment Plans

YDYS is a shady operation and intentionally kept most information away from the public. The company has been inciting people in the philippine to invest on the promise of 250% more at the end of their investment plan.

Below are the investment plans offered by the YDYS trading company:

  • Red Staking – invest 300 PHP and receive 750 PHP in 45 days
  • Blue Staking – invest 1000 PHP and receive 2500 PHP in 45 days
  • Orange Staking – invest 5000 PHP and receive 12,500 PHP in 45 days
  • Gold Staking – invest 5000 PHP and receive 12,500 PHP in 45 days.

YDYS Trading Review: Referral Commissions

It might interest you to know that YDYS trading has no market products. Investors can only market the trading itself and earn through referral commissions. This is the multi-level marketing part of the company.

Investors in YDYS earn a 50% commission on every amount invested by affiliates they recruit. Also, trading affiliates get a 1% commission from all their downline earnings. This 1% commission is paid on returns and not investments.

YDYS Trading Review: The Company’s Situation

On the 22nd of April, following the fraud warning by SEC. Hildago included an additional staking package thus:

  • Buy Blue staking and get 1 Red for free;
  • Buy Orange staking and get 1 Blue for free;
  • Buy Gold staking and get 2 Orange for free.

This huge bonus was possibly brought in to take advantage of the publics’ greed. Sequel to this Hildago disclosed that many people joined YDYS on the 23rd of April.

On the 25th of April, Hildago went on to reveal the ‘certificate of incorporation of the YDYS. All of these were in a bid to gain trust following the fraud warning by SEC.

As of the 29th of April, YDYS went on to give a massive discount of up to 40% on all investment plans. It is no longer news that this technique is common with Ponzi schemes. It is a technique aimed at attracting many affiliates to stack up investments.

Two days from the inception of these flash sales, Hildago announced that the YDYS was having issues completing payments. On 30th May, YDYS claimed to have resumed payments. Meanwhile, YDYS was still having payment issues up till 5th June.

YDYS Trading Review: Conclusion

Withdrawal issues is one of the first signs that a Ponzi scheme is about to crash. Moments after the fraud warning from the Philippines SEC, YDYS brought in the bonus packages and flash sales with the aim to keep investments trickling in.

In YDYS, affiliates invest and steal up to 250% of their initial investments from new affiliates. As new investments didn’t keep coming in, there was no way the company with the 250% ROI could keep going. YDYS is a big scam which have taken a lot of participants’ money with its collapse.

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