Review | Get 1000GH/s for Free after Registration – is this Scam or Legit?

Chainmine: online as a Bitcoin cloud mining platform that earns its members cryptocurrencies immediately after registration.

Immediately after your registration on Chainmine’s official website, you will receive a free registration bonus of 1000GH/s=1th/s as mining energy.

In today’s article, you will find out how Chainmine works through Bitcoin cloud mining, how to get & upgrade free hardware power, the meaning of hash & earning incomes through hash rate.

Also, we will consider how we register on this mining platform and its login procedures. Inclusively, you will also find out the reasons behind this platform’s credibility & know if it’s a legal entity or a rip-off.

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Chainmine Overview

For all Bitcoin miners or cryptocurrency miners, a mining cloud is preferable, because of its mining consistency, and you can also make arrangements for your individual costs, including your mining course customization.

Additionally, as a cryptocurrency miner, a cloud Bitcoin mining platform/algorithm is the best option for you guys to mine coins automatically without much cost or even mining them.

Continue reading to know how works.

How the Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform ( does Work?

As earlier stated, immediately after your registration on Chainmine, you will receive a free bonus for registering on their platform, which is a free 1 TH/s mining power, amounting to 1000GH/s.

And all these bonuses are what you are to use to start mining & earning on the platform. However, you are not to stress yourself by looking at the mining rate as it increases or decreases.

All you need to do is to set chainmine’s cloud miners in a way that it will automatically mine Bitcoins for you under 24 hours, then after 24 hours, you return to reset it again if you wish to continue mining.

Note: all investments on Chainmine are regarded as a lifetime investment, which means you do not need to renew or deposit an additional fee for reinvestment to your mining contract.

For getting more mining hardware power for free, you can just calculate your future mining earnings with just a click or by recruiting investors to the platform & earn a recruitment or referral bonus. You can also get more of the power for free through a three-tier associate program.

To upgrade your hardware power-on Chainmine, see the below information.

Upgrade your Hardware power (Hash Power)

Chainmine provides three (3) consecutive ways of increasing /upgrading your cloud miner’s hardware power.

  • Purchasing a new Hashpower directly & automatically.
  • Exchanging mined Bitcoins for a new Hashpower
  • Recruiting new members through referral link & get a percentage commission as an extra Hashpower.

With these ways, you can gain or upgrade your hardware power. However, what is the meaning of Hashpower on & its function?

Hashpower functions as a computing power, which miners offer the Bitcoin network. This computing tool needs high-performance computers which are quite expensive for users.

Therefore, this is a part of the service that Chainmine offers earners. The miners function by clustering & actively mining Bitcoins.

Due to earnings by Hashrate, the ways the incomes are calculated are outlined below.

  • 0.31% = 0.00000125 BTC, and this is acquired per hour
  • 7.41% = 0.00002989 BTC, you will receive this on a daily basis
  • 51.85% = 0.00020922 BTC, you will earn this every week on estimation
  • And after every month you will get, 222.22% which equals 0.00089667 BTC
  • The ROI estimation is 14 days (two weeks).

Compensation Plan & Referral System

According to, the platform has 3 tier associates program. This means if someone registers using your personal affiliate link – you will get a 7% fee on all of your referral’s Hashpower.

Meanwhile, on the following stage, you will get 2% hash power, while for the third stage/level referral – you will get 1% hash power.

With these 3 referral systems & commissions, after you’ve gone through all the levels, there will be no limits & requirements for you.

Additionally, continue reading to see how you can register/sign in to the platform. However, currently, the official site has collapsed according to my research.

No worries keep on reading to see more about why the platform has currently been taken down by Google & other regulatory agencies.

How to Register on Chainmine

For proper registration on, apply the below procedures.

  • Visit the Chainmine official platform @ (currently not available).
  • Locate the sign-up button on the official homepage, and then click on it.
  • On the official sigh page, enter your username, email address, and a secured password to avoid hacking.
  • Finally, click on the SIGNUP button below, and then you’ve officially registered an account on

When you are done applying these procedures & registering successfully, you will have to log in to start mining & earning Bitcoin automatically.

Follow the login procedures below for successful access to your mining background & dashboard.

  1. Already on the official website, locate the login button, click on it.
  2. Then on the login page, provide your email address/ username on the empty bar provided, and include your secured password.
  3. Finally, click on the login/SIGN IN button below to access your dashboard.

Proceed to the next section, to find out if this platform you are trying to sign up & investing with is legit or a rip-off.

Chainmine Bitcoin Mining Platform, Is It Legit or a Rip-off?

Currently, Chainmine is not officially active on Google, if you try loading the site through the official privately registered domain, you will find out that the official platform can’t be reached by GOOGLE.

For me to score this platform if it’s a scam or legit, I will give no answer, because I can’t currently reach the official platform, or even conclude the fact that Chainmine is Legit or a rip-off.

Therefore, if you’ve currently witnessed any rip-off or legitimate results from Chainmine, please feel free to leave a review or suggestion in the comment section below.

Conclusion – Plug for Contacting Chainmine’s Customer Service Care

If you are in need of a response to any FAQs or problems, feel free to contact Chainmine’s customer care team. Their team can be reached either through Emailing or Social media contact platforms.

Try the below email address or mailing address, if you want to contact their customer care team.

  • Residing address: ChainMine LTD. @ 185 Gloucester Place, London England/UK, NW1 6BU.

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