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PBX Trading Review: PBX trade is a trading platform that offers multi-level marketing earning options. But before the main review, PBX trade was recently known as premium business trading.

It is knowledgeable to individuals that PBX trade presently took a statutory lull from SEC of the Philippines’. Not only that, the PBX trade violated the regulatory policies of the Philippines.

Concerns are already alarming in the trusted MLM review journals online. The offering of returns outward investments are high and distributed to investors in prepared Affiliate packages.

To get more details, read all through the articles below:

Note: this article is being sourced from PBX trading and premium business, since; the other is a rebranded premium business.

PBX Trading Review: About, license problems

As of getting information on its brief absence from the internet, PBX closed after an SEC branch placed its services under probation. But far from being credible, the company lacked online marketing criteria. As of recently, its website suddenly becomes invisible online.

Therefore, not only the payment model offered by PBX services that is similar to premium business.

Moreover, PBX trade is having an unapproved license, making the website have an unlicensed platform.

Furthermore, our results on research from PBX trading review; the facts below result in the termination of premium business as a fraudulent company.

• It records no former transactions displaying it’s a trading license with the Philippines SEC.

• Moreover, referencing the above statement, submission by the SEC shows that PBX trade has no partnership status.

• Finally, the facts above enable the SEC’s decision to awake the public to the Ponzi schemes in Premium Business.

Also, in the Philippines, digital securities of trading without a license violates the conduction of finance in the country’s law.

PBX Trading review: Information on the owner of the platform

Based on how he often appears on social media, the owner of the PBX trading platform is DE LEON.

Based on how DE LEON presents it(PBX), it is also known as Premium BIZ PH, etc, on YouTube.

Ignoring the platform’s implication in the Ponzi reform, PBX trading clouts their investment plans to ask for an Affiliate alliance online. Moreover, the company’s website that is created recently appears to be handled from a littoral base, lastly from all evidence, premium business and PBX trade are sourced from the same material.

See the next section of this article for feasible problems on PBX trade

PBX Trade Review: Feasible problems

PBX, as an online marketing network (OMN), they offer a little description of the nature of their services. An original ‘about us’ page is not presentable to the public on its platform and the creators of the website are lacking concern. Instead, the owners of the site re-post few articles from an unrelated source.

PBX trading review: on the concluding part PBX trading is ready to cache many investors’ funds. Especially, the inefficiency of license deflates every appearance of legitimacy, the owners publish on the internet.

Furthermore, the same pattern used in PBX trading reflects on DE LEON’s other multi-level marketing platforms (premium business).

View more details in the section below on the affiliate compensation structure on PBX trading.

PBX Trading: Compensation scheme

From our review findings, you can get similar information on profits in the PBX trading compensation scheme below:

• Executive ($1000) – payment of $400 specific daily profit is achievable out.

• Director ($200) – payments of $80 daily profit is achievable

• Manager ($100) – you can get $40 resulting over-quoted daily profit.

• Supervisor ($50) – you can get $20 accruing an over-quoted daily bonus.

• Associate ($20) – lastly, the associate plan recounts $8 every month.

Referral Commission

The referral commissions on the platform are fixation of ratios, linking to two binary teams on your referral down lines. According  this, payment of commission is done on the first referral unit.

Below shows the profit rendered in percentage:

• For personally referring people to the website you get 50%.

• Finally, for an Affiliate level, you get 10%.


In order to conclude on this PBX trading review, we’d like to summarize the following facts:

PBX trading already possesses a fair business history as Premium business.

The new platform has every appearance to premium business organization owned by DE LEON.

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