Bixo Trade Review | Login, Sign up, Affiliate Packages

Bixo Trade Review

Bixo Trade Review – This Is a financial trading company embedded with financial experts who are all about creating forex and cryptocurrency trade and assisting forex traders in giving them financial opportunities to trade on their platform.
Bixo Trade Company is based in the United Kingdom popularly known as Bixo financial technology, their key focus is on assisting the crypto market financially.
Working with bixo financial technology can help in improving your experience in crypto marketing and financial forex trading.

Bixo Trade review About CEO

Bixo trade’s original CEO is James Bernard, the company they hired a new CEO named Benjamin Gimson, a young trader having intelligent trading techniques he’s been on the financial market since 2010.

He is a university dropout, 27 years of age, he managed multiple trading accounts, with a working experience of (ten) 10 years, he is ranking as the youngest CEO under the bixo business ventures, he is an active sports person with professional leadership qualities.

Bixo pay

Bixo pay platform is a platform provided for easy exchange of money financially, and an easy means for online transactions.
On this platform, you can use your money to make online payments, on using one account you can shop from different backgrounds around the world with a low amount of transaction fee.

Bixo money

Bixo money is a platform that helps you to make intelligent financial decisions and also improves your experience in banking financially.
You can also get more updates on bixo money platform by signing in on their platform.

How to sign in/login on bixo money platform

To sign in on bixo money platform obtain the following procedures:
Visit bixo
Click on the “enter email” icon.
Click on the “go” button.
If you will like to contact their support team follows these procedures:
Under the same platform,
Under contacts,
Fill in your name used in registration in the space provided in the platform.

Moreover, your email address is needed,
Enter a brief message on what you require.
Accept the captcha-challenge
Click on the “send message” button to proceed.

Bixo mining

Cloud mining services are offered by bixo mining platform.
In the meantime, bixo mining platform is still under construction, but as soon as it is done you can mine your first coin on bixo mining.

Note: currently, bixo trading products and financial services are under construction.
Bixo trade login/sign up
To login to your bixo trade account follow the following procedures below:

1. To sign in to your account you can visit ‘wolves .zone’.
2. Enter your email used in registering your account
3. Insert your password for full confirmation
4. Click on the sign-in button

If you have forgotten your password you can click on ‘reset password’ to create another password.
If you are not a member of the company and you will like to join,
You click on create an account,
Consecutively, Enter your first name, last name,
Proceed to your email address,
Also,  fill in your phone contact, which is optional,
Click on create account to finish.
Another approach;
Visit the official website.
Provide your full name, enter your email ID or address,
Your country name is needed.
Input your mobile number.
type in the password you will use to login into your account.
Also, enter the verification code provided.
Agree to the terms and conditions.
Finally, click on REGISTER to finish.

Affiliate packages

Consider the following affiliate packages below:
1. Basic plan: $100-$4999, with a duration of 200 days, 1.50% increases daily.
2. Popular plan: $5000-$24999, with a duration of 200 days, 1.75% increases daily.
3. Advanced plan: $25000-$99999, with a duration of 200 days, 2% increase daily.

Bixo Trade Review, Referral commission

When you refer to your friends and business partners you get a 17%referral commission.
If you have no self-investment the referral reward is 3% increase if membership status is silver ranked, the reward is 8% increase, having gold ranked, with 6-25 investors under them, the reward is 10% increase, having diamond ranked, with investors of up to 27- 74 get a reward of 12% increase, while the platinum ranked, with investors from 75 and above get 15% referral reward.

Note: Joining bixo trade, affiliate membership is free, participation in full-time moves with an income opportunity of a minimum of $100 investment.