NexusICO Review | Cryptocurrency and Investment scam

NexusICO review: is NexusICO a scam? Is NexusICO legit? Can I invest safely in NexusICO? Is it possible to get a refund of my investment on NexusICO? If you fall into the category that needs answers to these and other related questions, then you have come to the end of your search.

NexusICO is an online investment company. The company runs investments for affiliates, develop apps, and also funds casinos. NexusICO is also into cryptocurrency trading and plans on releasing its own token soon.

We shall look at the structure of this company, take notes of the green lights and red flags, and finally conclude whether NexusICO is legit or just another Ponzi scheme. It is important to always do thorough research before investing in any platform to avoid scams.

NexusICO Review: Company Registration

This investment company has claims on registration in the United States, United Kingdom, and Arkansas. However, research shows that NexusICO’s official registration under SIC- fund management activities in the United Kingdom were dissolved on 5th October 2021; click HERE for details.

Also, information on the Arkansas Secretary of State‘s Website states that the registration of the website (NexusICO) has been revoked since 15th October 2020. In these two sources, we can narrow down the creation of this company to 1st May 2020.

In countries like the United States and many other American countries, it is easy to register a company online. Registering a company in these countries does not require any proof of the authenticity of that company. However, official reports of registered companies must be submitted to the appropriate authorities.

It is possible that NexusICO took advantage of the registration flexibility in these countries to register, only to be revoked as it could not report back annually as stipulated by the authorities. If we calculate from the registration of this company on May 2020 till October 2021 when it was dissolved, which is roughly 15 months, then we might be looking at the first red flag!

NexusICO Review: Ownership

NexusICO displays Geri Smoll as its chief executive officer (CEO) and director on its webpage; check HERE. Further research discloses that Geri Smoll had an appointment in NexusICO Ltd as a director which started on 1st may 2020 has been dissolved. Click HERE for details.

Mr. Geri Smoll is no longer the CEO of NexusICO but he is still advertised on their website as the CEO and director.  It is either the company hiding the identity of its owner, or it has no owner. Either way, this is a red flag, a general feature of Ponzi schemes.

 NexusICO Review: Investment Packages

In as much as NexusICO is not a registered company and has no license to handle public funds, the company still goes on running investment programs with impossible ROI. This investment packages with over 200% return on investment (ROI) screams a big scam.

NexusICO investment packages are divided into three categories thus:

  • NICO Starter – 50 USD to 4,999 USD – 1.149% ROI per day and 300% ROI in 261 days;
  • NICO Pro – 5,000 USD TO 49,999 USD – 1.522% ROI per day and 400% ROI in 261 days;
  • NICO Premium – 50,000 USD to 100,000 USD – 1.916% daily ROI and 500% ROI in 261 days.

It is not possible for a legit company to generate and pay investors up to 20% ROI on monthly bases. High ROI is a strategy that scam investment companies and several Ponzi schemes in the past and present use to draw their victims.

Any investment plan whether offline or online with more than 10% ROI is likely a scam. Talk more of a company whose website exists on lies.

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NexusICO Review: Referral Program

It is important to note that NexusICO also has a system that enables investors to earn from affiliates (people that register under/with their affiliate link). Investors on NexusICO earn additional money from the deposits/investments of their affiliates.

Check out this table:

Investment package

NICO starter

NICO pro NICO premium

Referral income 1st level




Referral income 2nd level




Referral income 3rd level




Referral income 4th level




Referral income 5th level




Many investment platforms use the affiliate system to instigate affiliates to recruit new affiliates in a bid to earn commissions while the company gets new investments. Tit for tat.

Ponzi schemes depend on an infinite stream of affiliates which is impossible, to survive. This actually says a lot about the possibility of NexusICO as a Ponzi scheme.

NexusICO Review: Crypto Project

This company says on its website that its own cryptocurrency token, NICO will be launched in August 2021. it also says that it will have its own blockchain and IDO presale in April. This is 2022  and nothing has been heard about this NICO token and blockchain service, talk less of being listed on the crypto market.

It all appears as though the NexusICO website was programmed to register members, sell investment plans, and keep records of the time. NexusICO is not doing any business activities to talk less of crypto involvements as they claim.

NexusICO Review: Conclusion

After having gone through the foundation, structural organization, and activities of this investment company, it is justifiable to conclude that NexusICO is a big scam!

This company has no license to conduct any managerial activities yet they claim to offer investments and trading opportunities. A company that broadcasts a former employee as its CEO and director; a company that could not even live up to its plans yet promises to pay whooping ROIs to affiliates.

It won’t be long before this scam project crashes like all other Ponzi schemes before it. Investing in such a company can only be out of greed. Do not be deceived by the reviews or comments on some automatic sites which recommend NexusICO as a legit company. Those reviews were probably made by the fraudsters behind this Ponzi scheme.

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