NYSC Recruitment 2022: How to Apply for NYSC Jobs

NYSC Recruitment 2022: How to Apply for NYSC Jobs – NYSC 2022 job recruitment is on for all who desire it. All you need to do is register or apply online at NYSC JOB PORTAL for NYSC 2022 Job. The steps are arrayed in this piece.

All corps members, whether serving or about to serve, can register for this NYSC 2022 jobs.

NYSC Mobilization UPDATE 2022

NYSC Recruitment 2022 Available Positions:

Marketing Officers

A preeminent Insurance Firm is hiring MARKETING OFFICERS


  • At least an OND cert.
  • Sales enthusiast
  • Sound knowledge of chosen terrain


  • N25, 000 fixed salary
  • Added commission on every sale
  • Special performance Gifts


  • Abeokuta
  • Abuja
  • Akwa Ibom
  • Ibadan
  • Kano
  • Lagos (Yaba, Ikeja, Festac, Ikorodu)
  • Owerri
  • Port Harcourt
  • Sokoto
  • Suleja
  • Warri
  • Yenogoa

Application Procedure

Forward CVs to recruitment@mactayconsulting.com

Message Title: Marketing/ Area e.g., Marketing/ Akwa Ibom

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Job Description:

  • Inspection vehicle components for wear and tear, corrosion, or improper fitting, using devices whether mechanical or electrical.
  • Examines wheels for damage, and drives the transport to identify malfunctions.
  • Provide detailed reports based on verdicts from the inspections to be conferred to the inspection coordinator.
  • You’ll be carrying out an inventory of carriers assigned each day.
  • You make sure all inventory per vehicle doesn’t pass 20mins.
  • Relating to the inspection coordinator on drills carried-out daily.
  • Also Scheduling Inspection appointments.


  • Must have expertise in the automotive production
  • A desire to give the very best to customers and teamwork
  • Technology know-how
  • Valid driver’s license
  • At least a Minimum of OND cert

Engineer Trainee (NYSC PPA)


  • Must demonstrate commendable adjustability and work ethic.
  • Two female and male applicants
  • Must be serving in Lagos


  • Site Fee
  • Thirty thousand Naira compensation
  • Settlement in Ibeju, Lekki.

Area:  Dangote Refinery Road, Ibeju Lekki.

NYSC Recruitment 2022 | Sign Up Procedures on nyscjobs.org

  2. Then tap on the “Register” icon at the head of the screen.
  3. Complete the boxes then visit your mail to see the activation code. Follow the guidance in the letter.
  4. The account has been activated; you will get another email showing you your login features. Kindly see these details and keep them secure as you would require them to register for more vacancies on the NYSC JOB PORTAL

NYSC Recruitment 2022 | Login and Application Procedures

  1. Log in with the items sent to you and advance to complete the forms as described below.
  2. When you log in, a page is shown, and you are asked to type your details.
  3. After the filling, tap on the “Update” icon at the end of the screen.                                                                                                                                  NB: Always tap on the arrow in a dropdown tab to get more alternatives for that appropriate field.
  4. Next, tap on Additional Information. Enter in your details. Guarantee that you upload your NYSC clip CV web address.                                                   Note: You can also use the tabs ‘Previous and ‘Next’ to advance through the web pages.
  5. Tap on the Passport icon. Upload your passport with the right passport size.
  6. Then, click on “Educational Qualification.” tap on “Add Qualification.” Advance to fill the relevant details.
  7. Know that Nigerian Institutions are listed while foreign Institutions should be entered.
  8. Next, tap on the “Employment History” icon. Complete in your details and tap the “Update” icon.
  9. Then hit on the “Certifications” icon. Hit the “Add certification” and move to complete the relevant details. Do not overlook to “Update” the information.
  10. Lastly, tap on the “Documents” icon. On the Documents field, pick the papers to be uploaded — choose the file and upload it.
  11. NB: Guarantee the documents meet up to the conditions stated at the head of the screen.
  12. When done, you have produced a profile on NYSCJobs. You shall utilize this profile to petition for any vacancies open on the website. You can update your information at any time.
  13. To appeal for a vacancy, tap on the “Vacancies” label at the top of the homepage.
  14. On the list of openings, hit on the “View/Apply” link beside the vacancy you wish to register.
  15. A summary of the vacancy is presented. Hit on the “Apply Now” button.
  16. After applying, information is presented on the screen. Also, you will get an email verification in your email account.
  17. With done, you have completed your application


  • Register
  • Upload your resume
  • Attached a Video CV Link
  • Apply for Job Vacancies


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