How To Obtain NYSC Medical Certificate For Orientation Camp

NYSC Batch 'A' 2020
  • Do you want to obtain an NYSC medical certificate for orientation camp?
  • Is it mandatory that the NYSC medical certificate is gotten from a government or military hospital?
  • What if I don’t have a government or military hospital around my location?
  • Are they any requirements to obtain the NYSC Medical Certificate?

Since 2016 NYSC Batch B Stream II, NYSC Team has demanded an NYSC medical certificate which will be a requirement for Orientation Camp Courses all over the nation. This will include their health state before they are enrolled and accepted for the Orientation course.

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This improvement came after the NYSC program lost three corp members in 2016 during the orientation period in the nation. As such, it is advised that you get a medical certificate from a Government recognized or Military Hospital to avoid being deceived with a fake medical record.

How to get an NYSC Medical Certificate for Orientation Camp

This piece will accurately give you simple guidelines for getting your NYSC medical certificate without pressure.  To receive your NYSC medical certificate, you would be expected to initiate the subsequent steps.

  1. Visit a Military or Government Hospital and get enrolled. In enrollment, a folder would be incited in your name, and you will receive a hospital card.
  2. After that, you have taken the several laboratories where the necessary tests are carried out on you. There, your samples will be examined. In many cases, all the medical examinations will not be handled in the authorized hospital laboratories due to inadequate staff or supplies to carry out all tests. Hence, you may need to indulge the private laboratories to carry out the tests for you.
  3. Once the exams have been administered, you must get the decisions for your medical reports. You then bring these examination outcomes to the doctor as your certificate would be based on the medical test outcomes.

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It is essential to make sure that the certificate allotted to you by the doctor is endorsed and the emblem of the Government Hospital imprinted adequately on the document.

Also, no matter the conditions, ONLY a doctor of a Military or Government Hospital will give the Certificate of Medical Fitness. Do not receive a private hospital’s certificate of medical fitness and perform the tests in a Government laboratory. Such documents would be received.

It is not expedient to secure this medical certificate by bribery or without performing the medical analyses. This is because these examinations give you a chance to know your actual state of health.

We believe these detailed guides have clarified the means of receiving an NYSC medical certificate. If you have any complains or confusion, graciously utilize the comment segment here.

Good Luck!


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