NJFP Portal | NJFP/UNDP Recruiting 20,000 Graduates, Apply Now!

NJFP Portal: since September 6, the Nigerian Jubilee Fellows Programme targets 20,000 graduates for 12-months stints in IT, Mining, Agric, etc.

It offers employment opportunities to thousands of unemployed Nigerian youths in various industries. As long as eligible applicants follow through with the work span, they might get retain options, making them employees in their place of service past the specified NJFP period.

The Nigerian Government, recognizing the drawbacks of post Covid19 job scarcity, collaborates with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the NJFP recruitment. The good news is, the NJFP Portal is currently open. You can now apply!

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NJFP Portal: Aim of the Programme

The NJFP, Nigerian Jubilee Fellows Programme, attempts to mitigate the growing unemployment rate in Nigeria. In this regard, it aims to impart the necessary industrial work skills to eligible Nigerian youths. 

Also, the initiative will graft the NYSC-certified applicants into various companies in Nigeria like telecommunications, ICT, tech and creativity, education, finance, health research, etc. The recruitment will be a yearly process, lasting twelve (12) months and employing twenty thousand (20,000) Nigerians. 

The youths need not worry about the employment margin. Why? Because the NJFP Portal uses a transparent qualification metric to screen applicants in the different host states in Nigeria. 

The functional NJFP Portal connects the Nigerian graduates to ready industries. It focuses on the requisite skills in the sectors seeking their services. As such, recruitment is skills-sensitive and rigorous. In the end, successful employees can prioritize in a competitive industrial environment.

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How it Works: Recruitment Blueprint

In a series of remarks about the operation of NJFP Portal as regards host communities and applicants, Alisson Clement, head of UNDP Nigeria, highlights the following:

The NJFP Portal runs on inclusive and transparent criteria, accepting the only eligible applications online.

Subsequently, a third-party talent manager compiles a long list from the mass of applications online. Afterward, it will make a shortlist, mapping out qualifiers for the ensuing aptitude tests.

The NJFP/UNDP initiative creates a database for the eligible host organization, poised for recruiting qualified youths into appropriate positions.

In the long run, host organizations get desired talents depending on a prior independent third-party analysis of candidates’ applications.

Besides the peeks above, the NJFP Portal avails applicants of the following opportunities:

  • It offers periodic recruitment for NYSC graduating candidates. 
  • Also, coaches/instructors with requisite skills in the relevant sectors have good employment prospects.
  • It offers one year of training at high-profile worker institutions, allowing students to experience the nature of industrial work firsthand.
  • Although it promises huge prospects for candidates, the NJFP Portal does not select for previous work experiences. 

So, you do not have to worry about five (5) or six (6) years of work experience. All it takes to start is to meet the eligibility criteria. (See below for more information)

NJFP Eligibility Criteria

This section explains the criteria for individual applicants, not the qualifying metric for host organizations. Check below for the stipulations.

  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens no older than thirty (30) years.
  • Regardless of their course of study, applicants must be newly graduated from the University, i.e. Bachelor’s Degree holders.
  • Applicants must possess desirable communication skills _ verbally or written.
  • The prospective candidate must not be employed at the time of application.
  • As the program is for NYSC-certified applicants, it recognizes the NYSC exemption certificate.
  • Moreover, applicants must be well-disposed for the area of assignment, demonstrating enthusiasm to impact economic growth.

What Can You Gain from the NJFP?

Briefly, the NJFP initiative offers you the following benefits off the bat:

  • It is a common pedestal for top-notch industries and fresh graduates from Nigerian universities, regardless of students’ previous start.
  • The placement metric puts students in their indicated area of interest, optimizing productivity and corporation.
  • Also, it offers stipends per month for one year.

Additionally, you get extra take-away profits like entrepreneurial skillset for standalone ventures. So, if you do not work with the host organization after an NJFP cycle, you have enough knowledge to run a business. Besides the chance to retain your position working for the host organization, you can coopt your 12-months experience in your résumé.

Apply at the NJFP Portal

Do you wish to apply for the Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme? If yes, use the following guidelines to access the NJFP Portal.

  • Go to the official website, njfp.ng/apply
  • Indicate the application category, Fellows or Organization.
  • Now, enter your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password.
  • Confirm Password
  • Then, click on Register.

Subsequently, you will receive an email confirming the registration in your inbox. It also allows you to fill in the application form. Submit the form and wait for the long list.


The Nigeria Jubilee Fellows Programme is the first indigenous initiative recruiting youths into industries in the country. It shatters the narrative of regional employability, allowing Nigerians to work in their country.

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