My Dstv Subscription | Connect, Payment, Activate And Due Date

Restoring your DStv subscription has become an activity with no stress and hustle. There was a period when the only means to renew your DStv sub was via local terminals or merchants and depositing in the bank. Remember those irritating lines and endless delays at DStv offices? Fortunately, all this is now history.

In this year, 2020, there are several forms and many payment interfaces via which a user can recharge your DStv account online in Nigeria and other nations the firm runs their digital network.

The users not only subscribe their accounts to get their views returned. Users have also to activate the account after payment.

Users can subscribe to any of the desired DSTV packages through any of the payment options.

We have payment options that will help you recharge your account using your mobile device.

1. Eazy Self Service

This is one of the swiftest means of making payment for your subscription. You do not only pay for yourself; you can pay for other subscribers via this method. It is very convenient even for those who live outside the country.


  • Visit the DStv eazy service web page. You will see that Nigeria has been chosen as a default country; you can change that if you not located in Nigeria and select your location.
  • Fill in the smart card figures of your decoder.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA text and tap on the “confirm” icon.
  • The moment you affirm your account, tap on “pay and view balance.”
  • It will lead you to payment survey screen which comprises date and sum owed for payment. Hit on Pay.
  • The payment recharge screen that holds details about the account possessor will be shown to you.
  • At this time you will be given over five payment options to pick.

Payment Platforms

DStv Subscription Applying Global Pay

  1. Heed the steps stated earlier to the level where you are required to choose a payment option.
  2. Select global pay.
  3. Enter in your payment data which comprises of your smartcard Number, first & last name, e-mail address, client number & mobile number.
  4. Tap on “” to complete your payment.
  5. This will lead you to the global pay online site.
  6. Pick your card model, choose in your card information and tap on “Pay”.
  7. Immediately your payment is thriving; you will be restored to the eazy self-service home screen.

DStv Subscription using eTranzact

  1. Choose eTranzact Payment >> BankIT >> enter in your account number >> pick your bank.
  2. Fill in the 6-figure passcode created.
  3. Send*389*00# with the mobile number connected to your bank account which is applied when receiving an OTP (One Time Password).
  4. Put in the OTP into the box given and tap Pay.
  5. You will get a fortunate payment reply.

Recharge using Pay-U

  1. Pick Pay-U as your desired means of payment.
  2. Enter in your card information having your complete name on the card, card owner’s number, and card figures, date of expiration and CVV digits.
  3. Attend the on-screen directions to finish your payment.

DStv Subscription Using Paga e-Pay

Pick paga e-payment and obey the directions given.

Recharge with Zenith Bank Eazy Money Wallet

  1. Choose Zenith eazy money as your payment platform.
  2. Register your phone number and eazy money PIN.
  3. Heed the directions on-screen to perform payment.

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2. Applying Quickteller (Mobile &Web App)

Let us say here that their online portal is more adapted to their mobile application.

Various subscribers have protested that fees don’t go well and their cash was never returned while working with the mobile application.

So it is extremely advised to you regularly use quickteller web portal payment option.


  1. Move down to the quickteller DStv payment screen and pick the Package or Bouquet you desire to recharge.
  2. Put in your smartcard digits, phone number and emails. Then tap the Continue icon which will lead you to the payment screen as you affirm your account information.
  3. Choose in your debit/credit card items and tap the “pay” icon.
  4. You will be informed of the thriving payment.

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3. Working With Mobile & Internet Banking Interface

One of the various properties of the mobile and online banking interface is bills fees.


  1. Amidst the preferences below Pay bills on Nigerian banks, online banking program and mobile applications are Cable Tv.
  2. Below cable TV, you will see Dstv, Startimes, GoTv, Kwese and Tstv.
  3. Then you are to Log in or sign in to your mobile application or online banking profile.
  4. Tap “Pay Bills or Bills Payment”
  5. Select Cable Tv from open options.
  6. Tap “DStv”.
  7. Select the DStv bouquet or package you need to subscribe.
  8. Enter in your authentication PIN.
  9. You will get notification of the successful transaction.

The allowed banks are;

You can even pay via mobile wallet or mobile bank codes.

Other Means are;

Communicate with DStv customer care rep; if you experience any problems while making payments.


Activation Procedures

Activating your DSTv after a successful Payment is easy. Just forward “RA Smart Card Number” to 30333.

For example, if you have a smartcard number is 0979665845, text “RA 0979665845” to 30333.

Reviewing your Subscription Expiration Date & Account Balance (Internet, SMS & Mobile App).

You can quickly be aware when your payment is due and also see account balance via the DStv mobile app, DStv Eazy Self-Service online and SMS.

Via the DStv Mobile App: The mobile application homepage pops up with the account balance and the payment overdue time.

Via a text message: forward “DD Smartcard number” to 30333.

Through DStv Online: log in to self-service screen >> Account >> you would locate your account balance and recent subscription date of expiration.