Npower Stipend 2022 and Updates for November Npower Payments

Npower Stipend 2022: you must be wondering why Npower stipends have not been paid? Reports state that the FG has not declared the payment of this Npower Stipend salaries for all Federal staffs since the Presidential elections

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Stay tuned to get more info as to when the salaries will be paid.

Also, know that the learning materials are available to all registered/paid Npower beneficiaries. So even if you don’t have them now, they still belong to you. Let’s not forget the work part; make sure you work as a Npower representative in your location.

Npower is a volunteer program that all involved are expected to work full-time, if not you will be penalized.

Although the rate of suspension has rapidly increased due to the nonchalant attitude of most staff. So make sure you work in your community to avoid stories that touch the heart.

And when you miss out on work, how will you get yourself developed or get work referral.


Those of you in the extra batch for the first month of January that still encounter problems with either being enrolled or onboard will soon be paid.


The first-month payment got so many beneficiaries happy, and it doesn’t end there, this month you will be receiving another payment, most especially batch two volunteers. The Npower team is the best.


The proposed Npower device for the Npower group will be gotten by all those who have theirs and batch 2 sets. By the first quarter of the year, you will get your device. They are a lot of processing involved in getting this done.

See full Npower device Configuration Procedures here.


Backlogs payment is already paid to some of you but the remaining months will soon be remitted. Six hundred two persons have now been fortunately affirmed to be paid. So be ready to receive your payment before the end of February, the beginning of March.

Those of you in batch one that remains in the program, you are now in the “ENHANCEMENT” level of the program. Information on your enhancement will soon reach you. The election has taken a toll on us, that’s why we haven’t solved a lot of problems.


Every opportunity given to you is an opportunity to save your funds and form a business from the pay. Be wise!

The Npower Monitoring Team

The Npower Monitoring team has been moving around the nation to guarantee that things are proceeding accordingly.

So, make yourselves ready when we come to your state. Please know that we get the report of some “fake’ people going around as volunteers PPA maintaining to be part of the monitoring team and demanding money from volunteers who were not present, disregard such and report such to the appropriate authorities in your state.

For matters concerning Npower November Stipend 2020, contact us via WhatsApp on 08154464648.

Npower November 2022 stipends for beneficiaries

Volunteers that should receive Npower November stipend 2022 still do not know when the march payments will come and also why they didn’t receive the payment. Those with backlog issues bear with us you will soon be paid.

How to clear your Backlog Payments for all beneficiaries

We know that some of the volunteers have not received their backlog payment. Go to the profile on the dashboard and check if the BVN/ bank account matches with your account number.

If you detect any errors, take the necessary steps to see that it is resolved. When resolved, you will get your pay. Just send a memo consisting of the following;

  • Upload scanned Appointment Letter
  • Scan and upload Place of Primary Assignment title.
  • Upload the Bank account statement from the period you were not paid.
  • Send the items like an email to the Npower support group.

Npower beneficiaries and the General Elections in the country

We are very much aware that you all are members of different political parties, Npower staffs have been very occupied by the elections. So we advise that you keep your cool thinks will be normal soon.

Npower 2022 online applications and Registration

Please know that a batch of 500,000 persons will be included in the social investment scheme, this year under the Npower program and we can be specific to reopen the application platform after the elections to let in prospective candidates to join the band.

Stay connected to our several social media handles to get more information on the Npower scheme.