VoguePay.com |How To Enroll And Activate VoguePay

In this study, we shall be studying at a payment program VoguePay.com (Vogue Pay) which intends to provide transactions and also return of bills. This thread is an original lead that drives you through how to establish your VoguePay account.

Step1: Enrollment Methods On Voguepay.com

The initial step is to sign up or create an account. Generation of account is free; it is advised that you choose the business membership account class so you would have entry to every card variety being prepared on VoguePay.com after you have completed business confirmation.

Step 2: Activation on VoguePay.com

After you have fortunately generated an account, a link would be addressed to the email you filled in while creating an account on VoguePay.com. Please tap on the link to initiate your account. Where you did not get the link in your email message box, you may see it in the list of Spam files.

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Step 3: Phone

Affirmation Taking place on any transaction on VoguePay needs a complete enrollment procedure which involves confirming your mobile number. We produced an uncomplicated model to assist you in validating your mobile number.

Step 4: Account Funding

Before you could be capable of preparing your account for confirmation, it would be necessary first to supply your account adequately dependent on your selected confirmation means. Kindly heed this instruction to add money your account. The least amount permitted for Card financing is N2,000 for Nigerian clients and $25 for other nations.

Step 5: Account Confirmation On VoguePay.com

You can heed this precise tutorial for the business confirmation procedure. You can choose any of the two alternatives here to progress to your account confirmation:

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Confirmation with proof of business registration.

VogePay.com Specifications are:

  • Business Registration document (Nigeria dealers; this is CAC; for other dealers, proof of business registration in their nation).
  • Household bills (not over three months).
  • Original Government allotted ID.
  • Confirmation price of N1,500.


Confirmation without proof of business registration

Requirements are:

  • National ID card /Voter’s card/ International Passport/Driver’s License.
  • Utility bills (not over three months).
  • Confirmation fee of N2,500 is also included.


Please make sure that all papers you upload for your confirmation is not more than 500kb.

Your papers should be in the PNG, JPEG or PDF forms. For dealers from other states, the same confirmation procedure earlier employs, the reasonable confirmation charge is $19.99.

If your nation of habitation is not involved in the record of states that we are in, you are encouraged to select a close by land or use the USA as your area.

Your default currency of agreement is the currency of the nation you pick; our API automatically designates your pay to you in that land’s currency.


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