BVN Registration | Link Your BVN With Multiple Accounts

BVN Registration

BVN Registration: The Bank verification number is a figure issued after executing the biometrics enrollment expected from all account owners which specifies each bank depositor an individual identification. The identification then persists the identical each account held by the possessor as long as it is connected.

BVN Registration became mandatory as a consequence of its programs to improve clarity and competence in the banking operations in Nigeria.

Also, it was submitted to heighten security systems in the Nigerian banking practice and to decrease false activities.

BVN Registration

To enlist for the BVN, the account holder is expected to go to any of the bank offices. Then proceed to the client care service for BVN, and he/she will be provided with a questionnaire to complete which demand individual details of the account owner. The data is assumed to be the equivalent as the certified features on the bank account.

You will be asked to impress your fingerprints and sign. After this, a distinct number will be allocated to the user as the BVN.

BVN Registration | How To Connect Your BVN With Your Other Accounts

Once the client has received his/her BVN, the user is not required to run through those above at all the user’s bank accounts. The user is only needed to connect the BVN to every of his account held.

Nevertheless, if the data used to begin the other bank accounts are separate, it is difficult to join such accounts. It is also impracticable to hold two BVN (Bank verification numbers).

A consumer who utilizes the same data to create his bank accounts can connect his accounts with a BVN through some ways, and they are;

  1. Internet Banking.
  2. Automated Teller Machine.
  3. BVN linking portal.
  4. Bank Branches.
  5. SMS.

With the above-listed ways, accounts can be connected to one BVN.

Step By Step Processes using The Above means

Automated Teller Machine (ATM): To utilise the ATM interface to connect your BVN, please heed the steps below;

  • Implant your debit card in the ATM.
  • Choose BVN on the activity menu.
  • Put in your BVN digits.
  • Verify it.
  • Submit.

Internet banking: To connect your Bank verification numbers to your other bank accounts using internet banking, please heed the steps here;

  • Launch your bank Internet banking interface
  • Choose the BVN
  • Hit on a new request,
  • Fill your BVN
  • Pick the bank where your BVN was assigned
  • Reply the confidential questions
  • Heed the instructions.

BVN portal: To associate your BVN via BVN online platform, quickly heed the steps;

  1.     Visit the BVN portal
  2.     Put in your Nigeria Bank Account Number,
  3.     Choose the bank you arranged your BVN
  4.     Insert the BVN
  5.     Submit.

Through SMS: To connect your BVN through phone SMS, kindly heed the steps here;

  •     Get the connecting digits from your bank
  •     Text your BVN details to the given number from your bank
  •     It will be renewed.

Bank Branches: To connect your BVN through bank branches means to go to the department of your bank where you got your BVN. Advance to the customer service and explain to them you desire to renew your BVN. A questionnaire will be presented for you to complete, once you satisfy the application the BVN will be updated.


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