First Bank Mobile App: How To Download, Register

First Bank Mobile App

  • Have you heard of First Bank Mobile App
  • Are you a First Bank client seeking knowledge on how to bank online?
  • Are you in urgent demand for performing activities in the convenience of your house or whichever area you are in without ever walking into a banking hall at any time?

We got you all wrapped with all the report on First Bank Mobile App. Below is a step by step direction on:

How To Get the First Bank Mobile App And Registration

STEP 1: Downloading The App

You can get the application on the Google Play store found on your Android device or Apple Store on i0s. The First Bank Mobile application bears the First Bank Mobile Banking symbol, a blue elephant. When you see it, Tap on the icon “INSTALL NOW,” and the application will initiate the download.

NOTE: Do not take the app via transfer on Xender or any other folder distributing  App, the error in this, is that you will not receive the constant periodic updates from the app.

STEP 2: Startup And Register With The First Bank Mobile App

  1. After installing the App on any of the portals as disclosed earlier, get it on your home screen then hit OPEN
  2. As a guest to the app, tap on “NEW USER REGISTER” and enter in the digits on your ATM card and your ATM number as presented in the box given. Make sure the figures are accurate, then tap on the NEXT icon on the screen
  3. Shortly afterward you will get a message with a One Time Password, for authentication(OTP) on your phone contact to confirm your account.
  4. Fill in the OTP in the provided box and tap NEXT
  5. And next is a table for m-pin, this is a five-figure password to be generated by you for your First Bank Mobile App login pin used from time to time
  6. Then enter two secret interrogations and answers, then tap the NEXT icon on your device screen.
  7. Below, fill in your four-digit security lock; we suggest you utilize your ATM pin.
  8. This will be required in executing transactions in the First Mobile App, so also the OTP which will be produced and forwarded to you via a message in the track of every purchase and all you ought to do is type it in the field showed.
  9. After completing registration, you will be asked to complete two transactions less than N 20,000 with our First bank mobile app or make everyday transfers of N1,000,000 EACH DAY with token and N500,000 with no the token.
  10. This policy is also a safety measure.

So there you are, your First Bank Mobile App is now in your hands. Bid goodbye to those long delays and tiring lines at banking rooms. Would you like to transfer money, buy online, airtime recharge or acquire data?

Enjoy Banking made comfortable!!!