Make Your Payments On The Internet

Thinking of the ultimate way to buy cinema tickets, event tickets, order food, pay bills and buy airtime? Think Nairabox.

How To enroll as a Nairabox Retailer


Visit the official web platform at and tap on “merchant sign up” at the head of the homepage, complete the form that comes up and uploads your firm’s logo. See the line “I have read and agreed to the terms and condition” and then hit on “Register.” Know that by tapping on the submit icon you have genuinely consented to the terms and condition holding on Nairabox retailers.


Attach Bank Account details

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Come back to the online retail site and tap on the sign in. Put in your sign in information and Tap on “Manage Bank”, then hit on “Add a new bank account”. Complete the application that comes up and hit on the OK icon.


Downloading the app

  • Take a phone device and get the app
  • This phone will stand as your merchant tool and will be utilized to scan the client’s digital ticket and also receive payment.
  • This tool must be a device operating on I0s or Android device. After getting the app, open it, tap on “sign in” at the end left side of the homepage.
  • On the following page, tap on “merchant sign in” in red writing at the base of the screen.


Scan your Clients

  • Put in your login information which involves: the Terminal ID Merchant ID, Merchant PIN, and click on “sign in”. Now your device is set to receive payment and scan customers’ digital ticket.

NOTE: Your terminal ID can be any figure or set of digits.

Variety Of Available Payments 

  • Pay Utility Bills

Do not omit to settle your bills! The instant bill payment tool does the work for you with no added charge!

  • Purchase Airtime

Don’t run out of airtime. Auto airtime quickly recharges your mobile device as often as you wish!

  • Cinema Tickets

Watch your preferred Movies early enough. Get Cinema tickets from the convenience of your house, any time.

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  • Get Event Tickets

Be part of the freshest events and have exciting with colleagues. tools your way of life in one app.

  • In-Store Payment

Receive Outstanding discounts when you perform in-store payments with Nairabox.

Operations That Makes Nairabox Unique

  1. Offline Operations!
  2. It is unique because it is secure and accessible also in times when Point of Sale networks or related apps are off. It allows you to make transactions even when you are offline. Your purchase is saved locally, and immediately synchronized to your Nairabox account when you’re online.
  3. It Is Convenient in a Brand new Way!
  4. enables you to make purchases with rest anytime on your mobile spontaneously. We also give exceptional customer service with committed representatives who are skilled and ready to catch up on emails posted to ensure our clients are fulfilled.
  5. Security You can Esteem!
  6. It is created on frequently verified official and encryption measures that enable you to completely manage all entrance to your account and guarantee your repositories are secure.
  7. You Can Track Your Transactions Anytime!
  8. By registering any activity made via Nairabox, you can control transaction courses and see transaction statements for some time.

Steps In Creating A Nairabox Account

  1. Download the Application
  2. The Mobile App runs on Android, iPad, iPhone, devices and even tablets of all dimensions and resolutions.
  3. It is steadily renewing with free updates that provide you with exceptional new pieces to supply your gratifying services.

Visit the website Here


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  • Supply cash with ATM/Debit Card
  • Add repositories using QuickTeller
  • Attach funds via Bank Transfer or Cash Deposit
  • Add repositories at an ATM box
  • Experience Swift and Smooth Transactions

The remainder is endless! Experience and explore new peculiarities in Nairabox as you exercise it each day.

And yeah, we compensate our committed clients with excellent gifts to enable you to know how valuable you are to us.

Once all the procedure is completed, then you can enjoy unlimited access to the platform.