Decoder Splitter | Easiest  Way to Connect TV Sets to a single Decoder

Decoder Splitter For For Tv Subscribers

Do you know about Decoder Splitter? As a GOTV and DSTV subscriber,  I am sure you love watching TV, just like millions of other subscribers in the world.  Do you have more than a single television and find it in convince to make use of a single decoder in two televisions? If yes we have a solution for your Problem,  we will show how you can connect one decoder in two Tv and make use of them simultaneously in your apartment.Decoder Splitter?

The information here about Decoder Splitter, will not just teach how to connect two TV sets to one decoder and save you the cost of paying extra cash to installers, it will also show you how to connect three or more TVs to just one decoder.

The most interesting aspect of Decoder Splitter information is this; you will get the best experience of watching TV programs comfortably in any room in your apartment.

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Equipment you need to Connect Two TV Sets to One GOTV Decoder / DSTV Decoder

The following equipment are things you  need to To connect two TV sets to one GOTV decoder / DSTV decoder (or more than two TV sets), you will need the followings;

  1. DSTV decoder
  2. Connection cable wires
  3. Two F- type connectors
  4. Multi-output splitter devices
  5. TV Sets
  6. Digital signal booster (this is optional, it should be used only when you wish to run the connecting cable wire from the decoder to TV that is more than 30 meters apart from the decoder to avoid a drop in the age quality  )
  7. AV Wire
  8. One F Type Female plug to TV PAL Male Coaxial RF connector.                                                                                                                         

Reasons to Connect TWO TV Sets to One GOTV Decoder / DSTV Decoder

Before now, GOTV/DSTV decoders were connected to the TB in only h sitting room; one cannot watch a favorite TV program at the comfort of the bedroom.

At the introduction of the information on how to connect two TV set to one GOTV decoder / DSTV decoder, all the television sets came to life once again. You can easily stay in the comfort of your room with your personal television and enjoy your TV program.

Now That you had known the necessary materials involved and why it is necessary to connect two or more TVs to one GOTV / DSTV decode, the Following steps will help you to connect all TVs you would like to connect to GOTV / DSTV Decoder….

Steps on How to Connect Two TV Sets to One GOTV Decoder / DSTV Decoder

Step 1: Check behind the decoder and connect the first TV to the decoder through the decoder’s AV video and audio ports with the AV wire.

2nd Step: Prepare the F Type female plug to TV PAL male  RF connector, connection cable wires, and two F- type connectors properly.

Third Step: Connect an end of the F-connected cable wire to the RF – OUT port of the decoder. Next, connect the other end of the cable wire to the INPUT port of the signal splitter.

Step 4: Connect the other F-connected cables from the splitter OUTPUT ports to the Ariel antenna INPUT ports of the TV sets you like to connect.

You may wish to connect to as much TV sets you wish depending on the output of the signal splitter. Follow the guide carefully to achieve a clear image and good audio.

Be sure that you do not interchange the RF-IN and RF-Out ports because their functions are different.

Note: If you have questions or need clarifications on how to connect two TV sets to one GOTV decoder / DSTV decoder, leave a comment below.