Naij legit ng news – Upgraded to | Get Latest Updated Everyday News

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Naij legit news – Upgraded to | Get Latest Updated Everyday News


Naij formerly is one of the biggest social media group in the daily news category as well as according to Alexa rank the number one publisher in Nigeria by traffic. has been a household name in Nigeria since it came up in 2012 and have now proven to be best at publications news, forums, etc.

Since the inception of this awesome website, it has not deterred from creating exclusive contents which include and not limited to news of national importance, stories on the human angle as well as ask peoples opinion on significant questions.


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The name came from the general idea which was based on the integrity of the site, and the managers being able to check and prove all facts before publishing to avoid inaccurate and fake news which have often confused internet users and had also led to very bad consequences. News

This site has a lot of information to offer especially the current ones as they happen, with their social media page it allows for people to be able to say what they think about a particular issue.

One of the most amazing parts of the site is you can also be able to present important information which you would like to share to people to them through one of their social media platforms which they will prove its genuineness before publishing to avoid misinformation.

The upgrade into the name legit depicts or makes users understand that the site is meant to provide relevant information which users need on a daily to help guide or lead the way through the news.>>>> Characteristics & Categories

The website has different kinds of features that make it easier for users to get the latest information they need with ease.

  1. It has a very presentable homepage view with current/latest news updates in front of you as you enter the site
  2. The homepage consists of the Latest news, Trending news, Nigerian Breaking News as well as Most Shared, etc

It has categories which also Includes:

  • Latest; Current news on local and international issues
  • EPL News; talk about European league football and associates
  • Hausa News: News as written in the Hausa language
  • Politics; About politics, politicians and political activities
  • Gossips; latest gossips on every interesting issue
  • Celebs; Celebrities their life, how they live, what they are doing currently etc
  • Ask Legit; Forum open for questions or additional info
  • Sports: Everything about sports, etc

How to Get to

To visit the news website go to to go straight to the homepage and chose the category you want OR you can CLICK HERE to be directed to the site without having to type in the address in your search bar.


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