How To Download Gotv Mobile App and use Mobile Walka

Gotv Mobile App: Do you as a consumer want to place a notice for your beloved Tv shows on the GOtv network? This Gotv Mobile App makes it simple for all the subscribers on it to control games and other exercises that are accessible each week.

Support is here with the latest App. Use your device or any other means to monitor your favorite series, place notices, distribute content in your social channels, and locate the Eazy Self Service interface.

It’s the best guide to your preferred TV shows, getting you entirely on the action, with detailed report and highlights and an utterly communicative TV Guide made accessible.

The Gotv Mobile App also got it easy for you to sift the TV guide to show your preferred channels solely and sink beneath inside the content than ever before.

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For Android Phones | Downloading Gotv Mobile App

  1. For people using Android device, please tap on this download link Here.
  2. At the download screen, you would see a download icon which would help the download procedures.
  3. Once it downloads, you then progress to launch the mobile application on your device.

Gotv Mobile App | How Do I use this app

The App is like a map by Multi-choice with a single objective to demonstrate the aim and businesses of multichoice to their clients all over the world.

To use this Mobile App, after the download and installation of the mobile App.

Double click on the application at the location it was saved on your device.

Please, it is prudent to take a DStv Walka to have a stable and hassle-free encounter viewing events on the Dstv/Gotv program.

The moment you have satisfied your sub on the decoder, you don’t require to PAY ANY additional costs to see the Gotv/DStv Mobile app also known as the Walka.

How To Activate Your Gotv Mobile Device

  • Be certain the device is thoroughly charged.
  • You require to spread out the antenna for reliable network transmission.
  • Text the following setup to this number 4688 (ACTM CAS number your mobile number).
  • Your CAS Number starts with 4, and this can be found behind your Gotv Mobile Devices.
  • Notice the text example here. ACTM 4356778 09099989999.