Subscription Codes For Airtel Data Plan On Android Devices

Airtel Data Plan: Airtel is a significant telecommunication network service givers in our country. Through the years, she has been giving excellent services as regards to calls and data.

This expert has been responsible for keeping a proper gantry amidst her matches in Nigeria by providing useful and cost-adequate tariff plans as well as quick and convenient data services.

In this review, we shall glance at the Airtel data plan service. The data service extended on Airtel is considerably affordable and reliable. It is profoundly cost-efficient, quick and convenient as recounted by the requirements of the precise data subscription.

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It is in a collection of certainty that Airtel stamped herself as the smartphone network in contemporary terms. For example, Airtel was leading amidst her equivalents to give double her data value subscription for the much cost.

Airtel 200 Naira Data Plan

Precisely, we will discuss only data subscription given for N200 on Airtel. For Airtel N200 data plan that is convenient and ready on Android devices is highly praiseworthy. Here is a short review of data for N200; Data Size: 200MB.

This data plan gives data value of 200MB which can be obtained at any time and any place. The data plan requires just N200, and it is endorsed for only three days. This indicates you can browse the web and also download with it.

To appreciate this Airtel data plan, connect by just forwarding *412# on adequate airtime.

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Airtel Data Plan

For knowledge on other Airtel data plans, you can run into the person served to see the features like data size, longevity, and cost as well as data codes. The self-service code is *141#, attend the pop-ups to see other Airtel data plans and also other Airtel reports on Airtel products and services.

How To Check Airtel Data Balance

Following your subscription, as you proceed to utilize your data sub, you might want to see your data balance to control your data usage, to accomplish this, kindly forward *140#, and you will get an SMS including your Airtel data balance. You can also review data balance via the self-help setting, that is *141#. Merely heed the pop-up that has “check data balance.”

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Complaint Or question

If you meet any problem while the subscribing or using your data plan after sub, you may talk to airtel client care service for support on 111 via an airtel line or visit any Airtel branch near you, if you have queries, they are ready to accommodate you with the exact details.