Gameloft Game Review | How To Download NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is an Action Video Game and a member of the NOVA series. It presents you with the most significant 3D Sci-Fi FPS adventure based on the initial N.O.V.A episode.  Also, it is distributed and produced by Gameloft in March 2017. Nevertheless, the game is a fantastic gunfire game which is very much enjoyable.

Gameloft Game Review

The game casts Kal Wardin, an emeritus NOVA soldier who brought back by Don “Mobile Armored Suit and struck into the evil of the Colonial Administration teams.

Supported by Yelena, his own AI Agent, He needs to preserve the human race by attacking against alien intruders and opening the secrets of their unexpected assault.

Game Modes

Destroy all the alien troops in different modes as trails:

Story Mode: designed like an action series, this mode is always interesting. Explore into the story and destroy aliens to reveal the reality about their intruders in 19 action-packed FPS stages.

Special Ops: the user has to open a significant strike on freakish alien invaders configuration.

Shadow Mission: time fight on NOVA. Attack the alien Special Ops team on disputing limited-time battlegrounds.

Multiplayer | Deathmatch: Attach with compatriots in the multiplayer form. Strive to be the end shooter surviving on an online multiplayer battleground.


NOVA Legacy needs the gamer to create a unique way of revealing the intruder’s mystery assaults while killing enemies and preserving Team players in the match.

And, there are several unlockables for the game to unfasten such as attire, advancement, weaponry and lots more. Let Yelena lead you all the way while creating your plans to defend the earth from the Aliens.

Experience NOVA Legacy on Mobile

An adequate offline and online gunfire encounter based on a new Gameloft FPS chain as in Modern Combat. Pattern and rise sci-fi guns and advanced weaponry by getting cards, from sharpshooter rifles with elongated bullets to plasma guns with destructive energy.

Also, possessing the right gear is essential! Experience the real N.O.V.A. shooter encounter with advanced 3D graphics and gameplay. Perform as single-player operations offline to preserve the Earth 24/7.

Game Rating and Specifications

The game possesses an amazing ranking of 65%. Download the game and appreciate saving the Universe.

  • Authenticity: 3/10
  • Graphics: 7/10
  • Keys: 8/10
  • Sound & Music: 6/10
  • Storyline: 7/10
  • Gameplay: 8/10
  • Total = 65%

And it also needs an Android version 4.0, at least CPU Power of 1GHz dual-core, and RAM 516MB

How to Download NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is accessible on App and Android Devices in their stores. The standard game size is just 24.77MB. Nonetheless, after download, some supplementary files will be gotten after installation.

You can get the game by launching the ios store for iPhone users and Play store for Android devices. On the search bar, type NOVA Legacy hit on the game and click on install. Once you are finished; Initiate the game, pause for further files to be downloaded. Already done, you are set to go on continuous shooting. Tap on the links here for a direct download link to Apple and Play Store.

Click Download on iOS Apple

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