Get Your Instagram Account Verification | How to Successfully Verify your Instagram Account

We have received lots of complaints on our comment section from visitors who says I want to do Instagram Account Verification. I crave that Instagram blue check next to my name. If that has been your dream then do not worry, you are on the right page where you will learn how to do Instagram Account Verification.

Instagram Account Verification

So many people will tell you that is not mild but bear in mind that it is possible to get your account verified on Instagram. Those who have partner accounts or relationship with Facebook, such as media partners, can request directly. However, requesting for Instagram Account Verification doesn’t mean being approved though

How To Do Instagram Account Verification Successfully

Yes, the fact remains that many people want the blue verification check near their Instagram account. Unfortunately, verification of Instagram account can be difficult. Instagram chooses which accounts to verify on its own and there is no application process.

Your account needs to be active, satisfy all the requirements when it comes to image, bio and such and you need to have significant engagement and number of followers

One of the guys just last week told us in the comment section that “I spent my weekend obsessively researching how to get my Instagram account verified“. Every article was basically the same” reacting to that, yes they are the same because Instagram Account Verification depends 90% on them. Though they are some few things you need to do.

many articles online will tell you that growing your Instagram followers will get you that blue check in no time which is true. In addition to that, we are recommending things like: Using popular hashtags, interacting with other users, promoting your Instagram on other channels, and by posting at the “magic times” of 2 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Yes, doing things like posting a picture of my son at 4 p.m. and tagging it you Good to set off a wave of followers like Instagram has never seen.

How to Do Your Instagram Account Verification Easily

Gaining Enough Followers: Use popular hashtags. Hashtags are the main way people browse accounts on Instagram. Making use of popular hashtags means other users can find your posts. If users like what they see, they may decide to follow you.

Popular Instagram hashtags include things like #love, #ootd (outfit of the day), #photooftheday, and #instagood.

Interact with other users. Interactions are one of the best means to get followers on Instagram. To increase you’re following, like random photos you find by clicking on hashtags. Comment on other user’s profiles with thoughtful observations.

Advance your Instagram on other social media accounts. If you’re popular on other social media accounts, link these up with your Instagram. If you have a large Twitter following, make sure to cross-post your Instagram pictures on Twitter.

Post photos at 2 a.m and 5 p.m. Two in the morning and five in the afternoon are the golden hours for Instagram.

Gain popularity on other social media outlets. Instagram does not verify just anyone. Usually, someone has to have some status as a celebrity or Internet personality to be verified on Instagram.

Do n’t purchase followers. There are sites that allow you to buy fake followers to instantly increase your following. Instagram is careful with its verification process and can easily recognize bought followers.

Write a bio that attracts followers. You can include hashtags in your bio. This way, your profile will show up more often while people search hashtags.

You can use the comment box below to submit your comment if you have any regarding how to do your Instagram Account Verification with just a few followers you already have.