Naijaloan Review | Application form | Is It Legit Or a Scam

Naijaloan Review: is a platform that offers opportunities to those experiencing financial challenges, and also, those looking for capital in starting up a business.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to starting a business or having any challenge on your financial income, is a more preferable platform to consider, in order to solve the above issues.

Naijaloan Review: can also be regarded as a per-to-per platform with the possible aim of establishing wealth with a minimum risk.

A per-to-per platform can also be said as a platform that allows the lending of money from one member to another simultaneously.

People of different kinds might be contemplating the issue; if naijaloan application form is legal or a scam. At this, in case you are in doubt, not worry this article will clarify the application process.

On the platform (naijaloan), you can start by registering using just a sum of N1,000 at the first level.

Through a referral link, you can be paid using your referral link provided on the platform to refer five people that want to join the platform.
There is a chance of earning up to N120,000 in a minimum of 10 days with just N1,000.

How to apply on application form

As stated earlier, to succeed on the application form on, you have to make a payment of N1,000 as of during your registration on the platform.

But I don’t recommend you to join naijaloan, why? Because, it doesn’t look like a legit platform, according to my researches.

  • You have to visit the platform meant for registration at
  • At the platform you can make payments.
  • Finally, you can now start earning.

Naijaloan stages and profits

At the lending platform, six different stages have been provided. View below for the lists:

• Stage 1- deposit N1,000
Gain N5,000 in just a day
Withdraw and upgrade to stage 2.
• Stage 2- deposit N5,000
Gain 10,000 in two days
Withdraw and upgrade to stage 3.
• Stage 3- deposit N10,000
Gain N20,000 in just four days
Withdraw and upgrade to stage 4.
• Stage 4- Deposit N20,000
Gain N40,000 in six days
Withdraw and upgrade to stage 5.
• Stage 5- Deposit N40.000
Gain N80,000 in just Eight days
Withdraw and upgrade to stage 6.
• Stage 6- Deposit N80,000
Gain N120,000
You can now withdraw your N120,000.

Tips you should know about naijaloan

Naijaloan Review: is a new online money platform, in which their money scheme is the same as that of MMM platforms and also issuing out loans to members offering them opportunities to make money online.
• As of now, lots of money have been lost online due to fake sites, as of those sites naijaloan is not far from them according to me it can be regarded as an MMM platform.
• The website was created on the 21st of March and, since that time popularity has increased. However, its members have been panicking, based on the fact that naijaload is not real, there’s a high possibility of the site crashing soon.

Naijaloan Review: how it works

Naijaloan Review: Naijaloan is a platform enabling people to borrow money at the same time receives money from other people.
However, this business doesn’t look like a reliable business, because in case a member collects a loan and doesn’t pay it back. But the platform claims that if the member refuses to pay back the money he/she borrowed, then other members will be paired to pay the borrowed money.

Naijaloan Review: is it legit or a scam

As earlier stated, you can’t trust the services offered by naijaloan, because its scheme can be regarded as a pyramid scheme (MMM scheme).
According to a pyramid scheme, nothing comes out good. Therefore, a pyramid scheme can be regarded as a business model that recruits members due to promises and services offered to supply investments or products.

The founders of naijaloan did not clarify to us how the generation of revenue or money-making is done on the website. Claiming that when a member joins the platform, he is lending money to others; at the same time, others are collecting the loan. HOW?

Therefore, naijaloan is pure a scam; since the source on how they get the money to be borrowed is not known, they may even decide on the crashing and shutting down of the site.
While those that have registered with a huge amount of money on the site will end up in jeopardy.

The CEO of the naijaloan scheme is not known; at this, there is a high possibility that its authenticity will be lost, because of their illegal activities.

Therefore, the whole process that is to be carried out by naijaloan is that; they are making sure to get enough people to join their website so that when the money has piled up, due to the number of members who joined them, at that, the founder will now decide on shutting down the business and run away with the money placed on the site.

In concluding words, naijaloan is a scam due to research. Therefore, inform other people planning on joining the website to avoid joining them to avoid losing their money.