Download MyDSTV Mobile App for All Mobile Devices

Download MyDSTV Mobile App for All Mobile Devices – MyDSTV is a smart mobile app from MultiChoice firm. You may instantly assume that the app is the equivalent to DSTV Now app, No! They are distinct.

While DSTV Now app enables you to follow up with what is most watched on DSTV channels, catch up on the newest movies, series, and drama. But new MyDSTV app will aid you to maintain your profile and subscription packages quick and easy.

MyDSTV Mobile App Review

When you get the MyDSTV app on your mobile device, you can be in charge of your mobile viewing activity and trail all that goes on in your account unlike the conventional means of reaching your DSTV account where you use your preferred web browser. Propel the DSTV address and login using your username and password.

The new mobile app gives a more convenient and straightforward means to handle your account, fix any problems, make a payment or refund your subs and change to any packages anytime, anywhere without consuming hours contacting with the DSTV customer care center.

Since both mobile apps are coming from the same service provider, you are guaranteed to possess a way of following the latest information from around the globe, see games fixtures and view movies with smooth entree to the ShowMax, DSTV Now, and BoxOffice service.

 Features on MyDSTV Mobile App

  1. You can see your account balance, recognize how much you already paid. This will help to stay always connected to the DSTV.
  2. You can also handle your details, including personal account data, privacy, and put up your picture to spice the appearance of your profile.
  3. With the mobile app, you can even be in charge of your DSTV packages by advancing or descending DSTV Entertainment stations.
  4.  Your privacy is your data, and all you want to defend at a single click.
  5. If you have lost your Smartcard details, you can also get it back on the mobile app.
  6. Solve subscription problems on your DSTV decoder why cleaning all error codes on the mobile app.

Have you gotten the MyDSTV mobile app for All mobile device into your device? You Better do!