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Cheap Car Insurance: you may lower the chance of financial troubles in your immediate environment by purchasing automobile insurance. Why?

This is due to the fact that it covers damages to your vehicle/car as well as other unanticipated circumstances in which you may find yourself, rather than having to pay exorbitant bills to cover the damages and condition of your vehicle.

This is why you must choose the proper and reliable vehicle insurance provider with reasonable prices; as a result, you will learn more about cheap car insurance companies and their affordable quotes in this post.

Furthermore, we will explain the finest and most economical vehicle insurance providers that you may use right now. Continue reading to learn more.

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Best Car Insurance Companies in Canada

In Canada, you can find nice & affordable car insurance companies, below is an outline of these companies located in Canada.

  • The Co-operators
  • The Personal Insurance
  • Intact Insurance
  • Desjardins
  • Onlia
  • Promutel Assurance

See more of these car insurance companies below.

The Co-operators

Cheap Car Insurance: The Co-operators is a multi-line insurance and financial services co-operative with $47.4 billion in assets.

It has a financial adviser network of 2,530 certified insurance agents and employs roughly 6,000 employees. It also sponsors 241 credit unions, which serve a total of 5.8 million people.

The company’s financial solutions include property and casualty (P&C) insurance, life insurance, institutional asset management, and trading. It insures about 1.4 million autos and 875,000 homes under its property and casualty policies.

Cheap Car Insurance – The Personal Insurance

The group auto insurance from Personal Insurance includes both basic and optional coverage. Third-party liability, accidents, accident compensation, and uninsured motorist coverage are all included in the regular policy.

It also provides full coverage for loss or damage to the policyholder’s car in non-collision scenarios.

Five-year new car protection coverage, responsibility for damage to non-owned automotive coverage, travel replacement coverage, a stress-free option, a $0 cost option, and disaster-free protection coverage are among the optional coverage options.

Intact Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance: Intact is one of the largest providers of property and casualty insurance and specialty insurance in North America, with over 13,000 employees serving over five million clients in Canada and the United States. Automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats are all covered under its vehicle insurance policy.

Intact insurance costs an average of $305.53 per year in premiums. In the meanwhile, Intact offers civil liability, collision accidents, and comprehensive accident coverage.

$2,000,000 in civil liability

Accidental Collision – Up to $1,000

Approximately $1,000 for a total accident.

All you have to do to receive this vehicle insurance from this firm is get a quotation from an insurance partner.

Cheap Car Insurance – Desjardins

Comprehensive, third-party liability, collision and upset, accident benefits, uninsured car coverage, family protection, and direct compensation for property damage are all included in Desjardins’ standard auto insurance policy (DCPD).

Furthermore, it offers five-year new vehicle protection, a problems-free option, a $0 deductible option, responsibility for damage to non-owned autos, transit replacement, and disaster-free protection as optional car insurance coverage.

Visit the Desjardins insurance company website for more information & insurance application.


Onlia is an insurance firm that was designed to meet the growing needs of Ontario customers, with a simple and easy-to-use website that allows you to customize your insurance directly online, without the need for an intermediary.

You may also receive up to $40 in cashback every month by using the Onlia Sense app. Meanwhile, the average Onlia insurance premium is $241.53. The Onlia insurance firm offers civil liability coverage of up to $2,000,000, collision coverage of up to $1,000, and comprehensive coverage of up to $1,000.

To apply for this vehicle insurance service, click on the link below for more details.

>Onlia Insurance Company

Promutel Insurance

Cheap Car Insurance: you have a wide range of options with promutel insurance. You can choose the coverage that is right for you, thanks to the company’s flexible benefits. The headquarters of this vehicle insurance firm is in Ontario, Canada.

The average cost of this insurance is $434.19 per year. Meanwhile, the business guarantees $2,000,000 in civil liability, $1,000 in collision accidents, and $1, 000 in comprehensive accidents.

Read on for additional information about reasonable and low-cost insurance providers in your area, especially for Canadians and Americans.

Affordable Car Insurance Companies near me > Canada & the US

We focused our rate research on the cheapest car insurance, which is likely to be the state’s minimal coverage requirement.

Many states just require liability insurance, which reimburses people for property damage and medical expenses incurred as a consequence of occurrences you cause.

Referencing from NerdWallet’s most recent research of basic coverage costs, Geico is the cheapest major car insurance provider in the US. The average yearly premium for Geico was $354, or around $29 each month.

Read on below to see the table of companies with a low average premium rate annually & monthly.

Company Average annual rate Average monthly rate
1. Geico $354 $29
2. State Farm $452 $38
3. Progressive $619 $52
4. Farmers $620 $52
5. Allstate $666 $55
USAA* $356 $30

Note, the USAA* Auto insurance is currently available only to military, veterans & families.

Cheap Car insurance Companies by States in the US

Because costs vary so widely from state to state, what qualifies as “cheap vehicle insurance” will differ depending on where you live.

For the sake of comparison, we found the cheapest auto insurance company in each state plus Washington, D.C.

State Cheapest company Average annual rate
Alabama Geico $261
Alaska Geico $274
Arizona Geico $272
Arkansas Southern Farm Bureau Insurance $261
California Geico $374
Colorado American National $192
Connecticut Geico $421
Delaware Geico $568
Florida Geico $704
Georgia Auto-Owners $314
Hawaii Geico $285
Idaho American National $135
Illinois Pekin $234
Indiana Pekin $195
Iowa Western National $164
Kansas State Farm $322
Kentucky Kentucky Farm Bureau $389
Louisiana Geico $443
Maine Geico $176
Maryland Geico $559
Massachusetts State Farm $209
Michigan Travelers $106
Minnesota North Star $259
Mississippi State Farm $337
Missouri Columbia $289
Montana State Farm $213
Nebraska EMC $181
Nevada Geico $329
New Hampshire MMG $209
New Jersey Amica $539
New Mexico Central Insurance $224
New York Main Street America $572
North Carolina Geico $278
North Dakota Nodak $174
Ohio Erie $211
Oklahoma Geico $247
Oregon State Farm $443
Pennsylvania Geico $181
Rhode Island State Farm $310
South Carolina American National $217
South Dakota Farmers Mutual of Nebraska $172
Tennessee Grange Insurance Company $193
Texas Geico $377
Utah Geico $305
Vermont Union Mutual $182
Virginia Geico $305
Washington Grange Insurance Association $327
Washington, D.C. Geico $374
West Virginia Erie $298
Wisconsin Geico $203
Wyoming Geico $170

Auto Insurance from Minor Companies around you

Cheap Car Insurance: to obtain low-cost vehicle insurance, you don’t have to deal with large insurance companies. Smaller insurers with coverage in many states, such as Central Insurance, MMG, and Secura, have cheaper vehicle insurance rates than Geico.

While availability may be limited, regional and local insurers may be able to beat the cheapest auto insurance prices offered by larger providers. They also have a reputation for providing exceptional customer service.

See the table below for a list of auto insurance providers and make an informed decision.

Company Average annual rate Average monthly rate
1. Central Insurance $257 $21
2. MMG $287 $24
3. Secura $319 $27
4. Hastings Mutual $428 $36
5. Mutual of Enumclaw $499 $42

These providers are suggested because of their affordable insurance rates and availability in many states. In fact, you might be able to discover a more reasonable vehicle insurance alternative in your area. Only one state, for example, has a large number of Farm Bureau insurance businesses.

Cheapest Car Insurance near me after an Accident or DUI

Cheap Car Insurance: depending on your driving record, the most cost-effective vehicle insurance company will vary.

The tables below show typical auto insurance premiums for drivers who have been in an accident or have been charged with a DUI from the leading companies.

According to our analysis, Geico has the lowest average rate for drivers who have had one at-fault collision. For DUI drivers, American Family is the cheapest choice on average.

Affordable Car Insurance After an Accident

Company Average annual rate after one at-fault accident
1. Geico $577
2. State Farm $618
3. Travelers $634
4. American Family $651
5. Nationwide $901
USAA* $535

Affordable Car Insurance after a DUI

Company Average annual rate after one DUI
1. American Family $716
2. Travelers $754
3. Progressive $755
4. State Farm $839
5. Farmers $905
USAA* $621

For drivers who qualify, USAA is by far the cheapest provider, saving an average of $100 per year above State Farm’s rates.

Stay connected to our website for additional information, leave a comment below if you’re still looking for a cheap auto insurance provider, and don’t forget to share this post if required.

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