OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants | How to Apply, Deadline

Applications are currently ongoing for the OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants 2022; feel free to apply, because the grants’ major aim is to assist Open Data event Hosting organizations & other related activities worldwide.

The current deadline for the application is May 13, 2022. Therefore, all applications done after this date will not be accepted. Meanwhile, the application will be closed after the deadline date.

The awards will encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, focused campaigns, and advocacy initiatives in support of the Paris Agreement, local climate change efforts, and the use of open data for social impact.

Only in-person events are eligible for this year’s grant funding, which will support 14 events. There will be ten open data events and four special category events.

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OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants – This Year’s Current Categories

Below is an overview of this current year’s (2022) category:

Read on below to find out more about each of these categories outlined above.

Environmental Data

In this category, you can use open data to demonstrate the urgency of the climate emergency and motivate individuals to take a position or make adjustments in their life to aid the world’s transition to a more environmentally sustainable future.

Tracking Public Money flows

By making Freedom of Information requests, you can increase budget openness, investigate public procurement, check tax statistics, and voice concerns about public finance management.

Open Mapping

With this category, you can learn about the power of maps, as result – for the development of better communities.

OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants – Data for Equal Development

How can communities use open data to draw attention to urgent issues on a local, national, or global scale? Is it possible to track progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using open data? These are the questions you might ask regarding this category, to find out more, we suggest you apply.

Ocean Data for Thriving Planet – A Special Category

You can create tools for ocean resilience and sustainability using open data, assist communities in organizing and sharing ocean data, or combine local and global data sources to highlight the relationships between oceans, climate, and human well-being.

This is the entire category regarding this year’s (2022) current categories on OKFN Grants, therefore, apply now & don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Keep on reading below to find out more about the OKFN Grants.

Grant Details

OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants: the stipend/grants run from $500 to $1,000 and are intended to assist organizations in hosting Open Data events and activities in person.

So, apply now that the applications are still on & going, as the earlier stated application deadline is May 13, 2022, applications can be processed before the deadline date, but after the closing date, no more applications will be received.

See below to know about the Grants’ eligibility before you can apply.

Who is Eligible to Apply, What are the requirements?

OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants: to apply for grants of any kind, you should make sure to see reviews on the eligibility requirements for that particular grant.

Therefore, see the below eligibilities for the OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants, and then, you can apply through the application procedures below.

  • All registered organizations around the world who want to host in-person open data events and activities in their nation are welcome to apply.
  • Individuals are not eligible to apply for this year’s (2022) modest award, and the events must not be virtual or online.
  • Special funds for the category “Ocean data for a thriving world” are only available to organizations and communities in coastal countries.

With all these eligibility requirements & notice in mind, you can now apply according to them. See below for the application procedures on how to apply for the OKFN grants.

OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants – How to Apply?

Note – The deadline for all applicants – is May 13, 2022. See the application procedures below on how to apply successfully for the OKFN Grant.

  1. Visit the Open Data Day 2022 small grant application online page via Google docs, or easily visit the page through this link – Open Data Day 2022 Application.
  2. On the application, the page fills out the application with the necessary requirements needed on the application form.
  3. Use the next button below to navigate through the application, in order to fill out all the necessary requirements.
  4. After all these, you can now click on the Submit Application button below.

If you’ve successfully applied all these steps correctly, you now have to wait for a response from those offering the Grants.

For additional information on this grant, click here or visit the OKFN Open Data Day Small Grants official website. Leave a comment below if necessary, and don’t forget to share.

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