Canada Work Visa | Learn How to Secure Canada Work Visa Permit

While acquiring a permanent citizenship visa is chancy and consumes time, getting to Canada using the Canada Work Visa is a fast and reliable route to the country. Do you wish to travel to Canada? Then go through this post to weigh the options and learn about Canada Work Visa.

 What is a Canada Work Visa?

A type of visa provided by the Canadian government, the Canada Work Visa is available for immigrants through Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It is also available for beneficiaries of the International Mobility Program. 

As these two programs allow immigrants to live and work in the country, they also provide enough time until the express entry visa is ready. Hurriedly filed applications are prone to mistakes, though. And they will cost valuable time at the agency. To avoid this nuisance, employ the services of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Note: Always avoid third parties offering to process your visa.

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Canada Work Visa: Available Visa types in Canada

As a subtle field, immigration requires great attention. The Canadian government groups its immigrant population in these categories:

Experienced Class

It is the least of the three-tiered class of immigrants using the work visa to move to Canada. Under this provision, international students can also apply for admission to a Canadian University.

Federal Skilled Trade

This program is the core of worker-based visa programs since it selects for efficient businessmen. As you know, Canada has a noticeable presence in the international business scene. It attempts to admit competent individuals into its economy to grow it. Also, such individuals will have to occupy managerial positions and probe for more profits through industries.

Federal Skilled Worker

This program is for experienced specialists in high-end industrial markets. Often, they work as administrators and company CEOs. 

Canada Work Visa extends only to individuals who meet the eligibility criteria in these coded levels:

  • Level 0, managerial skill/disposition
  • Type A, Professional group/individual
  • Type B, Craft/Technical 

Moreover, going through the Canada Work Visa application process is rid of frequent visits to immigration bureaus. It specifically avoids inspection from unnecessary tax offices. But in the long run, you stand a better chance of getting recognition if you can provide every document 

Selection Procedures: Impact Assessment

Before calling in applications for Canada Work Visa, the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) engages recent market data status. Subsequently, the body may put out a notice for application in vacant positions depending on the results it gets.

The LMIA oversees operations in these visa categories as well:

For Skilled Worker Program

LMIA only admits recruitment requests from this category if:

  • It is fixed 
  • For full time, 

And skill level 0 or skill type A. It can also be Type B according to the Occupation Classification List.

Skilled Trader Program

As in the above program, LMIA allows that the job listing must be of this nature:

  • A full-time job for at least one year
  • Type B, Craft/Technical
  •  Salary structure must reflect those of the Canadian residents.

Experience Class

In this category, you can get a Canada Work Visa without necessarily consulting an LMIA list. Yet, it is always propitious to have the validation of an independent body. 

Also, check the criteria for the Skilled Worker type to see the eligibility requirement for the Experience Class Category.

Canada Work Visa: Requirements

As the immigration laws in Canada may be prone to changes, these requirements are not exactly rigid. But although it may contain new ones in the future, the requirements below will always serve for safe conduct.

  • You must be law-abiding and have no previous criminal record
  • Always avoid colluding with individuals who are threats to Canada’s National Security
  • Be ready to provide evidence of good health
  • Since the agency requires complicity in all instructions, you will provide all the required document
  • Avoid doing business with business owners who solicit sex, nude pictures, or request erotic service
  • Further, you should be ready to exit the country on the expiry of your Canada Work Visa
  • Finally, do not fail to demonstrate your ability to fend for yourself and your household financially.

How to Apply

Movement is restricted, in the wake of the pandemic. But you can still apply for the program online. To apply, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Go through the instructions a few times
  • Have all the required materials at the ready
  • If you are not sure how to answer the questions, try answering a mock question before attempting it

Note: Any relatives surviving on the income or requiring special attention may be allowed to live with the Canada Visa