Canada Visa Lottery Updates | Important Information You Need To Know

A lot of people are searching for information about Canada Visa Lottery Updates. As this trend is witnessing a spike currently, we would like to inform you that there is no program for Canada Visa Lottery.

The United States of America has a visa lottery program that grants lucky immigrants an entrance into the United States. But none of these offers have been tendered for individuals looking to secure a Canada Visa Lottery.

Although Canada does not have programs for diversity Visas, there are equivalent programs that offer weekly draws for individuals who wish to get Permanent Residency Status. This should not be mistaken for a Lottery program, although it has analogous benefits to the United States Green Card.

Chances of Canada Visa Lottery in 2021.

You should disregard third parties offering you outlets for securing a Canada visa lottery. These presumptuous lottery syndicates selling visa lotteries are frauds.

There are no fixed visa lottery programs for immigrating to Canada, although the same purpose can still be achieved by accessing any one of the sixty (60!) alternative visa offers available for immigrants.

(Note: if you are bent on acquiring a visa lottery through diversity programs, then you should consider the USA Visa Lottery program.)

Express Entry Visas Compared to Canada Visa Lottery

Canada visa lottery is not the same as Express Entry System, despite the conflation in the colloquial usage. The visa opportunities available through Express Entry collates results analysis and awards point depending on whether stipulated criteria have been met or not. This is clearly different from the lottery.

There are processes for entering the Express Entry pool by forwarding your applications, then your ensuing CRS score will typically reflect your response. So instead of a Canadian visa lottery, Canada offers Express Entry draws on a periodic basis.

As is the case with these processes, if you have at least the threshold CRS score then you stand a high chance of being selected. The next phase involves an interval of 60 days for you to prepare, fill, and forward your application for immigration.

Your Express Entry profile will be used to evaluate your eligibility as an immigrant. None of the Provinces will request for your Canada visa lottery because it is non-existent for now.

Assistance with Processing Canada Visa Lottery Applications

We do not encourage processing your visa applications through the help of unaffiliated firms or paralegals/consultants. However, VisaPlace has verifiable referrals for processing your visa options. The firm is a niche of consultants working in close collaboration with Niren And Associates ( Niren and Associates are well renowned for providing quality services).

The Canada Visa Lottery portal for prospective immigrants intending to apply

We shall proceed to the details and important information that will ultimately be required for entering a Canada Visa Lottery application. Most of these guides hinge on the criteria that stands you out as being eligible. Pay attention to the following sections as they contain invaluable advice.

A Brief Description of the Country

Canada has very desirable attributes: the per capita income is rated first world standard, there are beautiful landscapes for those who enjoy going on hiking trips, the country pays serious attention to clean air ecology, and the infrastructure is first class. There are also lucrative job prospects to consider.

No doubt these fascinating qualities have increased your craving for immigrating to the country. In that case, you should follow our post closely so you can get reliable information about the Canada Visa Lottery Updates.

You stand a good chance of immigrating to Canada if you did apply for the lottery program. The Canada visa lottery application form can be accessed via You can as well make enquiries from VisaPlace.

Also, there are chances of successfully scoring a shot using this program, even if the prospects seem daunting. The reason is that this visa lottery is accessible to the public, and individuals in this domain can apply for the lottery offer (irrespective of the profession).

Note: Before we continue our discussion, we would like to reiterate that there are currently no available Canada Visa Lottery offers by the Canadian government. You should not fall victim of scammers who offer said visa lotteries in the hopes of getting lucre.

To establish more closure on this, you might want to know that is in the ownership of this Canadian law agency that is primarily concerned with immigration, Campbell, Cohen.

If you are scouting for a Canada visa lottery to travel to the country, you should consider the following list of over eighty (80) immigration programs.

Possible Canada Visa Lottery offers

The following list is possible programs for securing a visa to travel to Canada. Some of the immigration programs are marked for specific individuals while some others are more inclusive.

You can see that this is not the same as the diversity visa lottery. There are programs for students and working-class as well.

  1. Tourist
  2. Students
  3. Diplomat
  4. Farmworker
  5. Transit
  6. Skilled workers
  7. Pilgrimage
  8. Business

This Canadian visa immigration programs are not for specific individuals, any eligible can apply for it despite his/her marital status. Everyone is offered equal opportunity to clinch a Canada visa lottery.

Some requisite Criteria

Canada is very much invested in education and in developing human capitals.

If you have a post-secondary school education, the prospects of you immigrating to Canada is strengthened by this. There are immigration programs such as Skilled Worker, or possibly province nominee, that boost your CRS score.

If your resume includes a relevant skillset, you can be granted a visa as a facet of the immigration visa program covers this aspect. You can contribute to the labour market and help boost Canadian society at large.

You can gain strong points for these criteria if you applied under Province Nominee or Skilled Worker.

If you have already secured job offers with any businesses or firms in Canada, you can easily get an immigration visa as the job offers are a testament to your competence.

It is very likely that you will be granted a permanent residency visa, and the immigration program you should consider is the skilled worker direct entry program.

If you are immigrating to Canada because a family member invited you over, then you should consider applying for Family Class immigration program. Invitation from friends is better addressed via province nominee program.

If you were a former student of any institutions in Canada, there are programs specially designed to harness the academic productivity of those who have gone through this procedure. The Canadian government ensures that there are processes put in place to facilitate granting of visas to such persons.

Programs such as Quebec Experience Class and Canadian Experience Class are the two offers that will secure a permanent immigration visa for you, if you meet these criteria.

If you can show documents and business writs as to the depth of your financial significance, you are automatically eligible for different immigration programs. Apart from the chancy prospects of ever getting a Canada visa lottery offer, there are special programs for you if you are in this category.

Some of these programs are:

Investor/ Entrepreneur/ Business

Provincial Nominee

And the above offers are under the auspices of the federal government, including a reinforcing Quebec support. Owners of large businesses are needed to add to the Canadian market.

If your business interests are the reason for immigrating, there are several immigration programs you can opt for. These are Provincial Nominee, Business Investor/ Entrepreneur. All offered by the Canadian government.

Applying for Canada visa lottery might seem a wild goose chase, but these programs above services for the various purpose they were created.

How You Can Apply For A Canada Visa Lottery

You should follow the steps below in order to process a successful application for your Canada visa lottery (2020/2021):

  • Start by visiting the Canada visa lottery portal via
  • Select an evaluation form
  • You should enter your personal details/profiles
  • You should indicate your work experience/qualifications
  • You should include languages you are proficient in, and those you have a passing knowledge of.
  • Include your financial status, it goes a long way in establishing your worth (do not inflate figures, nor should you attempt to reduce your net worth.)
  • Include your contact.
  • You can then click “Submit Form”.

Disclaimer: this Canada lottery visa application should not be acquired in exchange payment or any kind of gratification. Persons seeking reimbursement for processing this visa Canada visa lottery for you are not doing legitimate work. Do not consent to these agencies as they are the illegal media for this work.

Steps for Submitting Your Canada Visa Lottery Application Form Online

Before you attempt to submit your Canada Visa lottery application online, you should first ascertain whether you have the authorization/right to even apply for the visa lottery online. Or not. There is a link you can click on to answer some necessary questions that include your age, work, marital status, family, employment status, and so on.

The next step after this initial stage involves:

Being recognized as eligible to apply for a Canada visa lottery program online

Then providing you a personal reference code that is necessary for registering your account, and possibly visa.

You can save your personal reference code and keep to the subsequent instructions.

There are relevant forms you should fill as well. These can be found on the previous page guiding you through the necessary steps for submitting your Canada visa lottery application online. These forms are:

IMM5257 Temporary Visit Visa

VFS Statement (this allows your Canada visa lottery to be forwarded)

Document checklists

IMM5707 Family details

You will then proceed to fill in the required information in the relevant spaces. These documents include scanned files and photocopies of documents like the ones listed below:

You should provide photocopies of your valid US Visa(s) if you have any, including scans too.

Provide your travel history for a span of ten years (these should be in the form of stamps and visas as proof of having travelled to other countries)

Your passport should be provided on the page where you entered personal details/profiles.

You should provide evidence of authorization/rights/permission to study, live in, or ply your trade-in abroad (these should be scanned and photocopied results)

You should be able to provide demonstrable evidence that you are capable of financing any trips you will have to make regarding the Canada Visa Lottery Updates. These can be documents detailing your assets, registered business certificates, your bank statement going back over 4 consecutive months, or you can forward other relevant documents that may be indicated.

You should include your photographs too. The required sizes are 35mm x 45mm and 420 × 540, all in JPEG format (240kb).

As this is a rigorous process, you will be required to provide evidence of travel such as flight tickets, receipts for sundry expenses, and so on

At this stage, continuing your Canada visa lottery application requires that you register or login to submit your application online

Once you register, you will be availed a key that allows you to create an account you can use to submit your application. You will also have to pay a fee for visa (visa fee) and refer back to ascertain the status of your visa application.

Note: if you are a Nigerian, you should consider creating an account with GCKey. There are others such as Sign-In Partner, but GCKey is suitable for prospective immigrants from Nigeria.

The next step is to login to the account you just opened (you will have gotten your password and your username).

Once you are logged in, click on a Visitor visa, study and/or work permit

Type in your personal reference code (you will have gotten this earlier on).

You can now proceed to pay through a page specially marked for visa payment (this page is CAD 100). Note that this payment should only commence once the documents). Note that this payment should only commence once the documents you filled in and submitted have been confirmed and accepted by the system.

After the previous step of making payments, you should go to the Visa Facilitators Services Global (VFS Global) along with your passport, coloured photo (recommended size 3.5 × 4.5cm), and a printout as proof of payment.

That marks the completion of your Canada visa lottery form application. You will be sent an email containing a code you can use to keep track of your visa application.

As You Apply Below remember that it is very important to invest time and effort in reading this article as when one is applying for the Visa Lottery 2020 Application, (Use the link found below to proceed with your application). Use the Comment Box For any further question or suggestion and more.

Good Luck