Australia Student Visa Easy Application Procedure | Australia Visa

Do you wish to acquire an Australia Student Visa? This article teaches you about the best ways to easily apply form Australia Student Visa.

Currently, you can get an Australian visa to continue your studies in the country without necessarily applying for the Student Visa. For short course programs, a tourist visa will be enough to see you through your studies. Also, a three to four months tourist’s visa should be enough for international post-graduate students in Australia.

British citizens can use the same Australia tourist visa to for almost one year. However, any other immigrant can even the odds by indicating his occupation. And it must be within the range of legal jobs in Australia. But regardless of the legal status of your job specification, its operations must not exceed certain limits.

Further, for study periods longer than three months, you will need Australia Student Visa.

What you can do with Australia Student Visa?

With Australia Student Visa, you can study in the country for as long as your study program specifies. It also allows you to go on excursions, sometimes.

A more beneficial overtone to this type of visa is that you can work with it, depending on the state you live in. Usually, you can seek employment during the holidays.

Also, although the Student Visa allows you to work in Australia, it could require applying for a work permit. In such a situation, you need only follow due process to enable you have a profitable stay in the country.

What does it take to apply for the Australia Student Visa? It is a simple process since it only requires that you apply for an admission in an Australian University. Also, you may even get a scholarship offer for any of the available Australian Scholarship Programs.

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Benefits of the Australia Student Visa

Based on an Australian career assessment scheme, you can earn fifty-points recommendation for Australian jobs. This point then allows you to further acquire PR Visa while in the country.

Also, we always stress the advantage of securing an Australian Scholarship before applying for a Student Visa. This is because it sees you through some process at the immigration bureau.

Moreover, you can consider an alternative if you do not have a current offer for a scholarship program. For instance, you can get to Australia using an eighteen months skilled visa for post-graduates. From that point you can work your way through up to longer-period visa programs.

Pre-requisite Course Overview

Generally, the first step towards securing Australia Student Visa is to know all about the available courses. If you can grasp the complete purview of the course list, then you can proceed to apply for Visa.

Well, do you get this information? Allow us to show you in this section.

The areas that require concentration spans:

  • Transcript of available courses
  • Tips about Australia Student Visa Application
  • Cost of the Visa Application Process

List of Australian Universities Offering Viable Scholarship

You can look up these universities for news of a viable scholarship programs.

  • The University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • The University of South Australia
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Queensland
  • RMIT University
  • University of New South Wales

Please bear in mind that the order in which these universities are listed do not reflect their performance.

Here are more detailed Course description codes, to help you make a good choice of Australian Study Program:

Subclass 570: English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students (ELICOS)

The Australian curriculum teaches intensely-English courses in this category. At the end of the period, you will get an Australian Certificate I, II, III, or IV.

Subclass 571: Primary/Secondary Education

With the Australian schooling scheme, you can get your younger ones an education for this courses: primary school education and Junior/Secondary School education.

Subclass 572: Vocational Courses

Here, you can get Australia Student Visa to study for a diploma, an advanced diploma, and optionally, a further diploma for a vocational program.

Subclass 573: Higher Schooling

This is ideal for any length of work for your undergraduate programs at the Australian University. Moreover, they include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Graduate Diploma
    Associate degree
Subclass 574: Postgraduate Program

If you are looking to get a post-graduate course program in Australia, then you can apply for this one. It specifically applies for Master’s Degree studies.

Subclass 575: Non-Award Study Program

Apart from the ELICOS, you can get this program since it confers no awards on the graduates.

Subclass 576: Australian AID and Defense

This program is an extension of a preparatory training on defense by the Department of Defense in Australian.

Subclass 587: Student Guardians Program

This program allows a parent to live with his child/children studying in an Australian University.

It also covers the period of study of the student, consequently allowing the parents to be in the country.

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