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Have you been looking for Sweden Scholarship Programs recently? We have laid our hands on an interesting Scholarship opportunity that you might just be searching for.

The SISGP, short for Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals, is a recent scholarship program embarked on by the reputable Swedish Institute. As intended, this Sweden Scholarship Program trumps the previous Swedish Institute Study Scholarships program.

About SISGP, The New Sweden Scholarship Program

Being a top-tier member nation of the UN, Sweden is actively committed to training individuals who will ultimately be fit for global leadership roles. With this aim, the SISGP Sweden Scholarship program is a bold step in this direction.

Professionals are offered amazing work experiences in the very conducive Swedish climes and workspaces for individuals from different cultural environments. They get a chance to become part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

There are also chances of creating a broader network for different researchers under this opportunity. 

Importantly, the administrative role is overseen by the Swedish Institute while actual funding is the prerogative of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

The Sweden Scholarship Program aims at creating a niche of high-performing young professionals from around the globe and offering academic tools for driving societal changes. As such, individuals who have been doing serious work in the relevant fields are given top priority.

Further, if the applicants can demonstrate years of active work history or employment in challenging leadership positions, then they also stand a better chance of clinching this scholarship opportunity.

Eligible Countries for this Sweden Scholarship program

The Scholarship program is carved out to engineer positive growth in the world. As such, individuals from developing countries are eligible to apply.

However, the Scholarship can only be taken in Sweden.

Courses covered by the SISGP Sweden Scholarship program

The list of courses covered in this program is varied and novel. Mostly, the courses for individuals in the master’s program batch commences on the Autumn Semester for the 2021 session.

You can APPLY to study any of these courses starting from the 16th of October, 2021.

Criteria Required for the Scholarship

  • The applicant is expected to have required academic qualifications, and also have experience in leadership roles.
  • The applicant must be from an eligible country
  • The applicant must show knowledge of leadership skills gained from internships, NGOs, full-time employment, etc.
  • Applicant must have spent least 120 days (roughly 3000hrs) on an internship, high-end posts, full/part-time employment, or with an NGO.
  • Applicant must have paid the University tuition fees, including having followed admission procedures for University admission with the prospect of studying a master’s program.

Please note that the process for getting this Sweden Scholarship is highly selective, the number of likely winners is 300.

Important Aspects Covered By the Scholarship

  • The SISGP Sweden Scholarship program covers the following crucial areas:
  • Your living expenses (about SEK 10 000 per month)
  • There is a SEK 15 000 travel grant that covers your travel expenses.
  • Your tuition fees
  • Instant member of the Future Global Leaders (NFGL) SI Network, which offers you a chance to expand your professional career in the country.
  • Health Insurance
  • If you are not living in Sweden before the scholarship application, the SISGP avails you a travel grant that covers the duration of your study. 
  • Instant member of SI Alumni Network, on completion of studies in the Sweden Scholarship program. 

However, there are exceptions to the areas in which the SISGP covers applicants. These are:

It does not provide grants for applicant’s family members

It does not cover the application fee for University Admissions

Also note: As this scholarship opportunity is for individuals doing one or two years of master’s program in Sweden, the grants cover for two semesters at once commencing on the autumn semester. But it can be granted if individuals stay longer and have also excelled in their chosen courses.

How To Apply For SISGP Sweden Scholarship Program 

The steps are easy to follow. They are:

Firstly, enter university admissions.se to apply for a master’s degree program

Then you can apply for the SISGP Sweden Scholarship on the site.

Constantly refer back to the site to get notifications of eventual winners of the scholarship.

Being notified of your admission by University Admissions (this is very important).

Ensure that you follow through the required procedure.

As You Apply below remember that it is very important to invest time and effort when one is applying for this Scholarships For Africans and International Students as much as you would for any other academic scholarship and you will be sure to get very good results.

(Use the link found below to proceed with your application). Use the Comment Box For any further question or suggestion and more.

Good Luck