AliExpress MX – Buy on AliExpress From Mexico & Pay With PayPal

AliExpress MX works like other online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, or Mercado Libre – a Mexican shopping platform. These are places where anyone can easily offer their products and services.

Meanwhile, just like other shopping platforms AliExpress MX, is a safe place, but still, it’s not entirely free of scams and deception. Therefore, in this article, we will tell you how to avoid scammers on shopping platforms like AliExpress MX.

This article will also enlighten you on how to buy products and services on AliExpress from Mexico, and anywhere in Latin America. See the following subheading and learn What and How to buy on AliExpress from Mexico.

What-how to Buy Products on AliEpress MX

As a Mexican, you would love to get products or even render services on AliExpress either to buy or to sell to others on the platform, but how can you do that from your country (Mexico)? Here are easy steps you should consider:

Create an Account on AliExpress MX:

Creating an account on AliExpress would be easy if you have the following requirements:

  • A store website 
  • A verified email address/business email address
  • Phone Number

Now, how do you create a personal account on AliExpress MX? See the steps below:

  • Enter your Store website
  • Click/tap on the My Account section and then on Register 
  • Enter your personal information on the following page as requested by AliExpress.
  • Finally, verify your email address to activate your account properly and start shopping.

Find the Item You Need:

  • With the Search bar, locate the items you need to buy on AliExpress MX
  • Also, you can search for the category of the site if you want to search for other products.

Choose the Products You Need:

To choose/select the appropriate products you need, you have to:

  • Review in detail the characteristics of the product and its price
  • In the review section, check the user comments to know if the product is real or fake.
  • We recommend you view those with photos or videos on the products to confirm that the product is just as what the seller offers.

Buy on AliExpress MX:

  • Here, you’ll click “Add to Cart” to add the item to your list
  • Once you’re done selecting your products, click on the cart icon that’s seen at the top right side of the page.
  • Select the things you want to buy by marking them and click/tap on “pay

Shipping and Payment:

  • While paying for the product, click/tap on “Shipping costs” to select the shipping method for each product and the related costs.
  • Click on the Pay button, which is located on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose the payment method of your choice, that’s suitable for your country, and confirm the purchase.

To avoid encountering scammers while purchasing products on AliExpress from Mexico, it’s vital to know that you should carefully examine and review the information that’s offered by both the seller and the buyers.

Pay on AliExpress MX With PayPal, Is It Possible?

Every vendor on AliExpress receives different forms of payment, which include debit and credit cards, Mercado Pago, Western Union, International Bank Transfer, and PayPal.

Therefore, the decision to use PayPal as your payment method on AliExpress depends on the seller. If the seller allows it, then you can pay using PayPal, but otherwise, you would have to consider another payment method.

It’s vital to note that the prices displayed in every product are in Mexican Pesos, but they are managed in Dollars. So, the cost of your items might vary based on the currency value at the time of purchase.

How Long It Takes AliExpress Shipments to Arrive At Its Destination

Once you’ve paid for the product, you now have to wait for your Products to arrive in Mexico. But, you should know that each seller on AliExpress MX offers different types of shipping that have their own arrival period.

Meanwhile, many products make use of AliExpress Standard Shipping Service, therefore, it can be free, although it will take a longer time to arrive.

Some major options are:

Shipping method Offers follow-up guidance Delivery time
Aliexpress Standard Shipping Yeah 30 – 40 days
Aliexpress Premium Shipping Yeah 30 – 40 days
Aliexpress Selection Standard Yeah Around 20 days
Aliexpress Selection Super Economy Global No 30 – 50 days
Cainiao Standard Yeah 30 – 40 days
Cainiao Super Economy Global No 30 – 40 days
EMS Yeah Around 40 days
Fedex IP Yeah Around 15 days
DHL Yeah Around 15 days
UPS Express Saver Yeah 10 – 15 days
UPS Expedited Yeah 10 – 15 days

The table above should help you know and select the shipping service you prefer when purchasing a product on AliExpress MX all the way from Mexico.

For further information and updates on how to get products on the AliExpress shopping platform from Mexico, you can leave your comments in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share.