Amazon App Store – Amazon Apps |

Amazon App Store – Amazon Apps | What information do you know concerning the Amazon app store?  The Amazon app store runs and explores like all other app stores. On this app store, you can see and download new apps.

The fact is, it is not as well-known as the Google play store or the Apple app store. But it is in coming to a distance as the Google and Apple play store. The Amazon app store is created for Android mobiles. But it is mainly managed by the Amazon firm.

Amazon App Store – Amazon Apps |

Well, I don’t understand everything about this app store, but I do recognise that it was initiated on the 22nd of March 2011. After the app store was inaugurated, it was made accessible in nearly 200 nations. Developers who own apps that are stored are paid 70% of the app value or in-app merchant.

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Since its beginning, it has had issues. There have been jumbled opinions from the general populace on the app store. It has taken lawsuits from the Apple Corporation for copyright and other purposes. It has also drawn judgment from the international game developers association (IGDA).

List of Apps on the Amazon App Store

Despite the problems encountered by this app store, it has presented quite the recoil. It has expanded regularly over the years. And this reveals that individuals are using the program. When it was originated in March 2011, it possessed 3,800 apps. Later in June 2004, the apps are 80,000 and in June 2013 to 240,000. In June 2015 the app had almost 334,000 apps, and as of January 2019, the store has above 452,000 apps registered.

How to Get the Amazon App Store

For you to utilise this app store is pretty straightforward and at the same time mechanical. If you do not understand how you can perform it. For you to download this app store on your mobile, heed the steps here;

  • Edit the security settings on your android phone concerning apps. You will require to indicate the box close to unknown sources.
  • After that visit this link;
  • Click on the download icon.
  • The apps will be gotten to your phone instantly. Start the app on your phone to finish the installation procedures.
  • After that, you can now obtain access to apps on the Amazon app store.