Youtube Go App Download for Android│Watch Youtube Videos Save Data

Youtube Go App Download for Android │Watch Youtube Videos Save Data

Youtube Go App Download for Android│Watch Youtube Videos Save Data

The YouTube free video streaming platform has infested humanity, most likely in an enthusiastic and positive manner. Creating a free personal or business / entrepreneurial YouTube channel has become a very typical action with thousands of daily YouTube channels created.

Who doesn’t like it? Everyone loves to get high quality stuffs with fewer expenses, and YouTube is one platform that allows users to view HD picture quality for free.

However, for users to enjoy this, they would require enough internet data and a reliable internet connection. Unless you wish to be embarrassed by the buffering delay of the video you intend watching. Quite irritating.


Youtube Go App Download for Android │Watch Youtube Videos Save Data

YouTube Go app, is the new app that allows users to save videos easily to their devices and SD cards (with the aim of reducing users’ mobile data usage). In essence, YouTube Go is more like what a YouTube mobile version should look like.

Just like the standard YouTube, the YouTube Go app allows users to choose a video to view. However, unlike the regular YouTube, the YouTube Go app would notify you with the options of downloading the videos or watching the videos instantly.

As aforementioned, the YouTube Go app was built having in mind people who have a weak internet connection, and those who can’t afford enough internet data. This means users will not have access to HD resolutions.

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YouTube Go videos are available in two resolutions; the basic quality and the standard quality. The basic quality looks somewhat like 144p and the standard quality like the 360p.

Surely, the absence of the 720p and 1080p isn’t quite what you want, but come on, if you are in a region with slow internet speed, or if you are using a device with low storage capacity, then, this would not be a problem though.

In the actual sense, Google designed and developed the YouTube Go app with Indian users in mind, who have found themselves in areas with limited internet connectivity. Currently, YouTube Go app has recorded more than 10,000,000 downloads and has expanded from India to Africa, Asia, and relatively to about 130 countries.

Get YouTube Go App for Indian Users here.

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Some Interesting Features of the YouTube Go App

Finally!!! YouTube will no longer be a data-milking platform, Only if you are using the YouTube Go app. Asides from saving data. Here are other exciting features of YouTube go app:

1) Control of How and When Data is Used

Users have the privilege to preview a video before delving into watching the whole video. This feature also allows the user to choose how much data to be spent on a particular video clip.

With this YouTube Go preview feature, users could also check the quality of the video they wish to download or watch, and know if its what they want or not.

2) Save Videos to Watch Offline

The YouTube Go app allows users to save videos with low memory capacity to watch later. So even if your internet connection is so slow at the moment, all you need to do is save the video, allow it to download to your phone memory or SD card, then watch the videos later.

3) Share Videos with Friends without Extra Data Usage

Yet, another interesting feature of the YouTube Go app, friends are now able to share YouTube Go videos with others without a data connection. This would be very suitable for devices with a weak connection.

Once you can locate and establish connection your friend’s phone using  Bluetooth, the YouTube go app will make a direct WiFi hotspot and WiFi direct transfer, just like the Xender app.  (The receiver, would nevertheless need to download a unique key from YouTube servers in other to access the video).

4) Recommendation and New Video Alert

This is considerably different from the regular YouTube app. To be able to see recommended videos, users will have to pull down the home screen.

But, Just like the regular YouTube, users who subscribe to their favorite channels will also be notified when new videos are added on their favorite channels.

5) Easy Download of Latest and Trending Videos

Latest and trending videos will be displayed continuously on the home-screen of the YouTube Go app. Just a click and you are either watching or downloading latest and trending videos on YouTube Go.

Get YouTube Go App for Indian Users here

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Are you an Android smartphone user? Download the YouTube Go app for Android. You never can tell, you might run into an area with a slow internet connection, or you might run out of internet data, and you see this trending video on YouTube.

YouTube Go App is your everyday companion, regardless of your internet connection, internet data and device capacity. Download YouTube Go today and say bye-bye to buffering videos, and you have nothing to worry, the app size is quite very small, Only 9.4mb!!! No worries that can’t be able to hang your mobile device

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  • SAVE DATA!!!

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