How to Disable Chrome Plugins and Extension

Disable Chrome Plugins and Extension

How to Disable Chrome Plugins and Extension: It takes several steps to disable Chrome plugins and Extension. Example of plugins includes Microsoft Silver-light, Adobe Flash Player, Java, QuickTime Player,  while Google extensions; examples include Grammarly, colorzilla, and more.

The prevalence of Google has attracted developers of malicious programs intended to cause harm.

Difference between Chrome Plugins and Chrome Extension

Chrome plugins are software elements that bring on particular skills to the Chrome browser. If accepted, plugins can customize the overall functionality of an application. While Chrome Extension is a software file that includes programs that extend the capabilities of a more basic program.

How to Delete or Disable Chrome Extension

There are two techniques to get rid of unwanted Chrome extensions.

  • Visit Chrome://extensions or use the menu switch ( that is the three vertical dots) at the top right corner of Chrome to reach more tools and next to Extensions option.
  • Discover the Extension you want to run.
  • Then uncheck the enabled box to impair the Chrome extension or click the trash switch to eliminate it.
  • The figure for extensions installed but disabled are in black and white, and can activate in later at any time. If you opt to eliminate a Chrome extension, click the acceptance box, after which the Extension is uninstalled and removed.
  • If you’re eliminating a suspected extension, ensure to check the Report abuse case before approving the deletion. Re-enabling extensions very easy just back to the Extensions screen then check the box for Enable.

How to Disable a Chrome Plugins

  • Move to chrome://settings/content URL or Chrome menu.
  • Then continue to Settings.
  • Visit advanced settings
  • Proceed to Content Settings.
  • Move down and find the plugin you want to control then click on it.
  • Tap the slider to toggle the plugin on or off.

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