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Waptrick is one of the best ranked and strong website when it comes to music download video download games installation and downloading of some other things like wallpaper and also for downloading of pictures.

Have you been wondering about searching Google for a best and suitable website to download both movies, music, pictures, wallpaper, and themes alongside with some of the other things?  Wonder no more for the answer to your questions are here in waptr!ck.com.


Waptrick is among the highest-ranking website with so many features which we will be talking about in this article in the Google world.

And this has made them to bring it back home to the point that it can also accommodate both the old and young, smart and old phone, laptops even java phones can access the product or rather the services rendered by the Waptrick owners.

So, no need to worry about your phone model or that your phone is out of date that it can not browse on Waptrick. It is not like that once your phone can browse my dear it can comfortably run the website in it. In this article, we will deal with so many issues that parties to Waptrick both the things you need to be able to download things like application, music’s, video, theme, wallpaper, and other interesting movies.

Also, we will tell you the categories involved in Waptrick and how to download things in it.  All these are embedded in www.waptr!ck.com and you can download it free of charge as at when due.

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In waptrick, they have so many free files which you can get on the website free of charge, and we will discuss those things so you can be able to download or access from Waptrick.

Things One Can Download or Access on Waptrick Download

In Waptrick Download site, so many things are uploaded on a daily basis and the Officials of Waptrick have made it possible for the mobile users to access it free of charge and also the laptops users can also be able to access it.

Below are some of the things one can get from Waptrick.

  1. Download free files: This involves ebook documents and what is an ebook?  The ebook is an electronic book or rather can be said to be a book that has been made accessible on mobile and laptops even desktops. This ebook can be novels, inspiring books, academic books, online phone guide, etc all this free files makes the phone unique.
  2. Live chat: Waptrick has made it possible for one to live chat with friends and meet new friends all around the world.
  3. Song lyrics: what is song lyrics?  Song lyrics can be said to be a handwriting word of a particular song or audio and Waptrick has made it possible for the viewers to read the song lyrics of the choice as at when due. So one can get the lyrics of his or her favorite songs in Waptrick.
  4. Live match score: Live match scores can also be seen in Waptrick. Waptrick has also made it easy for the viewers to view live scores of the football match which he or she lives must even while downloading other things at the same time.  For guys that love football, you can be viewing your live score of your team at Waptrick. In Waptrick you can also Stream live matches going on. Yes, free of charge you can Stream the football match. Like me the last Champions League FINALS I was able to Stream the video on Waptr!ck and I really enjoyed it.
  5.  To download movies: in Waptrick you can download movies of your choice no matter the categories. In Waptrick they have categories in the movie sector where you will see kids videos, Adult videos, comedy, old and new, WWE videos, and many other videos so it is now left for you to make your choice of the one you wish to download and watch. You can download these videos in various format which included 3gp, mp4, high quality, and low quality
  6. Music’s and songs: in waptrick one can be able to listen, download any type of music one wants no matter the categories be it jazz, pop, reggae, blues, country music’s, old, international music’s, hip hops, and many others including Christian and Christmas music’s can also be downloaded in it. And all these can be downloaded in mp3 format or only instrumentally.
  7. Wallpapers and theme: many at times we are tired of using the normal phone wallpaper and we will like to use another thing as wallpaper. Waptrick has many wallpaper and themes which one can download and install in his or her phone which makes the phone beautiful to the satisfaction of the owner.
  8. Pictures: many pictures and other celebrities’ pictures can be downloaded and it will be seen that one can download the pictures of the celebrities of his or her choice. Both wrestlers, musicians, and many others even actors and actresses can be downloaded.
  9. Applications/ Games: Application and games of your choice can be downloaded from the category of the games and application the most important thing to know here is that you can download applications for Java and Android device so whichever one you want you can download.

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Waptrick Download is considered the best website for downloading the application and many other things.  And below are the steps to download things in Waptr!ck.

Steps to download things in Waptrick.com

In this topic, we will use the music download as an example to show you how to download things on Waptrick.

  1. Firstly before you download visit the website www.waptr!ck.com
  2. And the page that pops up direct you to the home page of the website where you will select the music categories or any other category you want.
  3. The next page that comes up you will be asked to type in the name of the song which you wish to download and also the name of the Artist that same the song and
  4. The next step you will see the name of the song and the Artist name which you type in the box.  Then click on the song name which appears.
  5. Then the next step to do is to select the format and quality here you are advised to select the best quality dispute the fact that the best quality will have a high number of megabytes but it will give you what you want.
  6. After which you are now to download the music, and you can see the progress of the downloading by opening the download tab of your browser and see it.

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