Waec 2021 May/June Result Statistics

Waec 2021 May/June Result Statistics

After the examination council promised to release the examination results within 45days which in their own part tried and fulfilled and the results have been released.

Following the release of the Waec 2021 May/June Result the examination board after much calculation and other things been put to consideration has released the statistics of the 2020 results. It was released by the head of National Office that only 50 percent of the candidates had credits in 5 subjects and above including English and Mathematics.

The Head of the National Office, Mr. Olu Adenipekun, said in his interview that for the past three years that the results of the candidates have been fluctuating after calculating that of 2019 and comparing it to that of the past 3years.

In the analysis of this year’s result, he said that “1,578,846 candidates registered for the 2018 examination out of it 1,572,396 sat for the examination”. The Head of National Office said in the Break down that “1,213,244 candidates representing 76.84% obtained credits and above in a minimum of five subjects with or without English and maths.”

“and that 858,424 candidates representing 54.59% obtained credits and above in a minimum of 5 subjects and above including English but not with maths ”

786,016 candidates representing 49.98% obtained credits and above in the minimum of 5 subjects including English and maths.” Which include 389,655 male and 396,361 female, representing 47.32% for male and 52.92% for Females which now makes it look as if the girls or rather female have a greater percentage in pass than the guys. “guys why nah??”

According to Mr. Olu Adenipekun, the Head of National Office, he said that 1,021 results were withheld. Reasons according to him were that the results have a connection with various reported cases of examination malpractice by the affected candidates.  And that the cases are investigated and that reports of the investigation would be presented to the appropriate committee of the council in due course for consideration, and the committee’s decisions will now be passed to the affected students. Waec 2021 May/June Result

Now the candidates who wrote the examination and has fulfilled their financial obligations to the council are free to check they performed on the website if the council.