USA Visa Lottery | How To Go About Applying For USA Green Card

The USA visa lottery is a chance for eligible individuals to immigrate to the United States. If you are interested in the “American Dream”, the USA visa lottery program gives you a chance to fulfil this enterprise.

The USA visa lottery is widely known as the diversity visa. This is a visa program intended to avail immigrants from non-European countries an opportunity to leverage economic and social deficits through yearly lottery offers that grants them entry into the United States of America. 

Based on this purpose, immigrants sharing a monolithic history with the minority population in the country attempt to win the USA visa lottery every year. We have written this article to provide useful information on how you can go about applying for the visa lottery program.

Note that the USA visa lottery program is the same as the USA Green Card Lottery or Diversity Visa (DV Lottery). Green Card is mostly popular in colloquial usage.

How To Apply For USA Visa Lottery

We would like to inform you that the lottery program takes place in the time interval spanning a full year (365 days). If you apply for a visa lottery this year, you should expect results next year.

As part of the USA initiative for the DV program, the Government has ensured that the green card lottery can be entered free of charge. But prospective applicants must be qualified for the program to obtain legal entry status into the country.

Applicants who finally get selected are referred to as Diversity Immigrants. They will be granted rights accruing to immigrants with legal entry into America by virtue of having been selected via the USA Visa lottery.

You must note that the USA does not allow individuals to apply or submit their forms physically. This should henceforth be done only online through the official portal of the US Department of State.

Please ensure that you strictly adhere to the instructions and guidelines as provided on the website. This is important because even though the USA visa lottery application form is accessible to everyone, the rules guiding the process are very stringent.

Eligibility Requirements for Applying for USA Visa Lottery 

If you are a Nigerian, then you are not eligible to apply for US Green Card. The US Department of State deems Nigeria as already having a strong presence in the United States of America. So there are no DV offers for Nigerians and several other countries such as Canada, U.K, Mexico, China, India, South Korea, Haiti, and the Philippines. 

None of the countries listed above is eligible to apply for the USA visa lottery this year.

It is also expected of the eventual visa lottery winners to possess at least a secondary school education or its equivalent. They will be required to have a required threshold qualification such as a secondary school diploma. 

You can seek more information regarding acceptable equivalent educational qualifications using iGPA Calculator. You can as well use this Degree Equivalency Tool to check for information free of charge.

These educational requirements accord you more credence. In the event that they are not available, you will have to show evidence of at least two years of work history or evidence of having acquired training in certain fields.

Stipulated Number of Winners for the 2021 USA Green Card Lottery 

We would like to call your attention to the fact that there are fixed number winners for each year’s USA visa lottery application program. As the US government intends to have a population interspersed with diverse immigrants from minority communities, the number of qualified immigrants are exactly stipulated every year.

The number of potential winners for 2021 is projected at 55,000. You see, you have a lot of chances here. Do not hesitate to seize this opportunity. 

The selection process is unbiased. After culling applications from qualified immigrants, the computer proceeds to select winners in a haphazard manner. This creates room for fairness.

You can always ascertain your status through DV Entrant Status Check. Note that this can only be accessed in the interval, 5th May_30th September.

Additional Information About the USA Visa Lottery Application

There some additional pieces of information that are very crucial to applying for your DV lottery form. Pay close attention to the following steps so you can fully understand these steps. They are:

  • When processing your USA visa lottery form, ensure that you do not include abridged documents. Do not attempt to clip details as your form will then seem blunt and evasive.
  • Do not wait to exhaust the available period for submission before submitting your form once it is completed.
  • You risk being qualified for the USA visa lottery if you submit an incomplete form
  • Do not try to optimize your chances of success by submitting multiple DV lottery applications, you will only end up being disqualified.
  • To guard against unintentionally submitting multiple applications, fill out your own form, and submit it just once.
  • It is recommended that you include your coloured photograph in the required spaces. These photos should be taken within the recent six months period.
  • If you enlist the assistance of a third party facilitator, you should endeavour to be present while the agency fills your form. 
  • Be honest. The process involves strict rules, providing false information will only disqualify you from getting a USA visa lottery card.
  • There are recommended file sizes for the photos you will be required to submit, follow this procedure carefully.
  • Obtain a printout of the confirmation screen once you submit your application.
  • You should provide information that gives you more credence to win the USA visa lottery such as your financial worth, work experience, and educational qualification.
  • Be sure to keep your confirmation number with you. This is very important. 
  • If you are immigrating with your family, the US Department of State has recently recommended that you provide your non-expired passport. This requirement does not necessarily extend to your children.
  • Obtain a printout of the screen that displays, on submitting your USA visa lottery Application 

Other useful information you should note

The criteria for winning the USA visa lottery cannot be bypassed, ignore any websites offering to increase your prospects in exchange for payment or other kinds of gratification. The rules are clear and relatively easy to follow.

We must emphasize that you should not pay any fees in order to apply for a USA green card, it is totally free of charge. Also, you must make sure to apply electronically. 

While submitting your application online, you will be provided with your unique confirmation number, use this number to keep track of your entrant status. This will help you to ascertain when you have been selected.

You can click on this US Embassy portal for Entrant Status Check:

Please, beware of pretentious missives and emails from frauds and malicious agencies posing as US affiliates. Take care not to fall victim to their constant promotions encouraging unsuspecting applicants to obtain assistance in exchange for cash. The DV program is the sole responsibility of the US Department of State in collaboration with the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and the department has not delegated its duties to an outside source.

You should report any fraud cases involving the USA visa lottery to the appropriate authorities through this website: Persons consenting to sham procedures are liable to prosecution.