USA Embassy Scholarship | Scholarship For Developing Countries

The news of a USA Embassy Scholarship program for developing countries allows Africans and other aspiring immigrants to study in the USA. 

Like most scholarship opportunities, it is fully-funded by the sponsor. But only to the extent of the specifications by the USA Embassy Scholarship.

USA Embassy Scholarship: What to Expect

It is common knowledge that the US is the thrust of the advocacy for higher literacy levels in less privileged communities. The USA Embassy Scholarship is a much broader scheme, in this regards. 

Also, it is a fully-funded scholarship program, providing scholarship funds for undergraduates and postgraduates as well. Before applicants try to access the eligibility criteria, they need to show interest in getting an education from a tertiary institution in the USA.

Further, this USA Embassy Scholarship program bears the entire cost of the students’ education. If you wish to further your education but lack the funds to do so, you can apply for this program.

Moreover, certain other benefits are coming to eventual beneficiaries of this scheme. The United States of America is a very desirable country to study in. Also, African students looking to work in a conducive environment will find this opportunity to be a high climb up the ladder of academic success.

On the other hand, it becomes incumbent on the scholarship team to ensure that the USA Embassy Scholarship opportunity is viable for its target population all through. This obligation includes platforms allowing students from developing countries to get admission from American Universities. 

However, until you qualify and are granted a scholarship by the embassy, you will bear all expenses involving bureaucratic processes and necessary exams. 

Eligibility for USA Embassy Scholarship Program

Like we said above, the USA Embassy Scholarship is a global education scheme slashing the cost of education for students from developing countries. But like many such programs, students will need to prove their mettle as the number of applications begins to soar. Then, the process might be more competitive. 

Are you interested in this scholarship program? Below are the criteria you must meet before applying for it.

Have an admission offer from a USA university:

As a prerequisite, you need to secure an admission offer from a university in the United States before you can apply for the USA Embassy Scholarship.

Possess a good grasp of English Language

Often, students immigrating to a host country such as the USA will have to write and pass their IELTS. If you are already living in the country, then the bar is lower for you. Those going to the country for the first time will need to face this hurdle, however. They will have to pass the threshold for competence in the use of the English Language.

You must be from an eligible country.

This scholarship program is accessible to eligible students from the Middle East and Africa. The eligible African countries include the ones below:







Democratic Republic of Congo




Sierra Leone

Sao Tome and Principe




South Sudan

Cape Verde

South Africa




Burkina Faso 


Equatorial Guinea



Cote d’Ivoire

There are many other eligible African countries. This list contains only some of them.

Benefits of the Scholarship Program

Many benefits are accruing eventual beneficiaries of the USA Embassy Scholarship. They include:

  • It fully covers tuition fees for the duration of the study
  •  A typical upkeep stipend of about $14,900. Although, students spending long periods in their studies may get a higher amount.
  • A one economy single airfare treat at the beginning of your study and when you complete it. 
  • Bears travel expenses involving visa and also pays Immigration Health Surcharge.
  • An appreciable increase in funding, $500 to $2,000 (at the current rates)

The program provides a little compensation as family settlement/support. It does not pay off appended expenses, though.

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USA Embassy Scholarships Application Guide for International and African Students

How you can apply for the USA Embassy Scholarship

At this point, you might be eager to learn the application procedure. Well, here it is below:

Application procedures for scholarship opportunities take on different shades depending on the country that offers them. For the United States Embassy Scholarship Opportunity, check the official website of the US Embassy.

Also, regardless of the host countries or nature of the application, you should be able to provide the requisite documents such as your CV and the accompanying photocopies.

Further, proceed to fill in the information in the relevant spaces. It includes attaching the right passport size, taking care to provide the number of passport photographs.

Moreover, it may be possible for you to printout the scholarship application form and fill it out. Then submit it at the embassy before the deadline. But this depends on whether the scholarship body affiliates with its country’s embassy in your location.

Note: Refuse any demands for money from third parties in exchange for services in processing your application.