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Tubidy mp3 juice: Download free music today at Tubidy, Tubidy.mobi is a mobile search engine for audio and video files in MP3 and MP4 formats. In the realm of content sharing, it is a robust and reliable platform. Tubidy mp3 download is a collection of various but linked websites where users may search for their favorite song and download it to their phone.

Tubidy can deliver a superb Android experience by allowing users to stream high-quality content while also allowing them to download files and make playlists on the device’s local storage at the same time. Several users have used the software to test it with a variety of videos, and they have all reported positive results.

Turbidy mp3 juice is very easy to use. You only need a mobile phone or computer with adequate storage capacity to carry the audios and videos on turbidy. A good internet connection is also necessary to stream or download audio and videos from turbidy mp3 juice.

Turbidy mp3 juice has a website on the internet where users can go to search for the music of their choice, download, or either stream the music in mp3 or mp4 formats. There is also a turbidy app on the play store for android users and Appstore for IOS. People have their preferences for either the website or the application.

How to Download Free or Stream Music on the Turbidy.Mobi

To download or stream music on the turbidy mp3 juice website you will have to take note of its application. Follow the steps below to stream or download music from the turbidy website:

  • You will need a personal computer (laptop, palmtop, or desktop), or a mobile phone with a reliable internet connection;
  • Open any of the various internet browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, opera, internet explorer, safari, and the rest on your device;
  • On the search bar, enter the URL for turbidy website. Click HERE to visit turbidy website;
  • On the turbidy website, navigate to the search bar and enter the name of the music you wish to stream or download;
  • Click on the start button to start searching for your music. A list of music which are similar (has the same name as that in the search bar) to your search will appear. You have to choose the right one;
  • In a situation where you do not know the name of the song you want to listen to, but you know the name of the artiste, you can just enter the name of the artiste in the search box. All songs by the artiste which are available on the site are going to appear, you can then proceed to search for the music of your choice;
  • After getting the right song, you can click on ‘play’ to watch or listen to it online, or click on ‘download’ to save it for offline use;
  • When downloading, you will have to download either of the following formats: mp4 video, mp4 audio, or mp3 audio;
  • Your download will proceed in the selected format. The song will automatically save to the download folder on your computer or mobile phone. You can now watch or listen to the song at your convenient time.

How to Download or Stream Music on the Turbidy App

You can download or stream music without having to use download sites. The turbidy juice app for android and IOS makes this possible. Downloading files from apps is way cheaper than going through websites as data usage is cut to a minimum.

The steps to downloading or streaming music on the turbidy app include:

  • On your device, open the play store for android users, or Appstore for IOS;
  • Search for the turbidy app;
  • Several tubidy app versions will surface, but you just have to select one as they all serve the same purpose;
  • Install the app and open it; note that you will require an internet connection for this;
  • On the tubidy app, search for the music of your choice, watch it online or download it.


Are there any subscriptions required to use Tubidy?

Tubidy is a free service. There are no subscriptions required to watch and download on the tubidy website or app. However, note that standard data charges apply for all operations on the internet.

How does Tubidy Operate?

Tubidy collates and indexes songs that were uploaded to the internet by users. When a keyboard is entered in tubidy, its server searches and brings all songs related to that keyword that is on the internet, so you stream directly from the host site. Tubidy just acts as a middleman that brings desired songs from everywhere on the internet to its users.

How is the mp3 audio quality on Tubidy?

The quality of the mp3 audio on Tubidy is good for a watch or listen-only service.

Why are some mp4 videos not working?

Mp4 videos on tubidy are encoded using H.264 Baseline Profile L3 video and HE-AAC v2 audio which is not supported by some old model devices. However, you can use 3GP Hi video formats as they are available for all content and supported by most devices.

Why all songs not in both mp4 audio and mp4 video are formats?

Encoding mp4 video and audio takes a lot of time. As a result, only popular searches are encoded in this version.

How do I watch videos on full-screen?

To switch to full-screen on tubidy, you only have to select the ‘full-screen’ option on the video playback page.

Can I download it straight to my device?

Tubidy is a watch or listen-only service, therefore you cannot download it to your phone. All downloads will be saved for offline use on the tubidy mp3 juice.

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