Sweden Visa Lottery Application Form Online For 2021

Sweden Visa Lottery Application can now be accessed online by the general public. Prospective immigrants can clinch this chance by applying for the Sweden Visa Lottery.

The general public is duly notified that the visa lottery form for persons wishing to immigrate to Sweden is now out. In this post, we have composed a complete package of the relevant information and other materials required for this visa application.

As the name suggests, the Sweden Visa Lottery Application avails prospective immigrants a chance to go to Sweden and possibly take up residence once they get there. Bearing this in mind, we propose to take you through the necessary procedures for applying for Sweden visa lottery form.

Sweden is a highly developed European country, with high per capita income and an increasing HDI. The environment is genial, social protection is very efficient, society is quite inclusive, and the salary is huge.

All of these relative luxuries can be experienced by firstly filling the Sweden visa lottery application form. But do not panic about this, we are going to show you how to go about this here in our post.

This form does not select for special/privileged persons, it is rather open for the general public. Any eligible applicants (regardless of marital status) can apply for the Sweden visa lottery and will be able to secure it.

In case you are wondering, here is what Sweden Visa Lottery is essentially about.

The Sweden visa lottery is an authorization tendered by the government of Sweden to immigrants, granting them rights and establishing the legitimacy of their residency in the country.

There are different kinds of visas offered by the Swedish government.

These are visas for:

  1. Visitors
  2. Farmworker
  3. Transit
  4. Tourist
  5. Student
  6. Diplomat
  7. Skilled worker

And there are many other visa categories.

If you intend to apply for Sweden visa lottery, you should ensure that you have all the required materials such as documents and the relevant passports. The following section covers this area.

Applying for Sweden Visa Lottery

We would like to call your attention to this matter: seeking administrative counsel from third parties when applying for Sweden visa lottery is not in any way encouraged in this post.

We do not endorse this procedure, neither do we recommend it for you.

Choice of visa category is entirely left to your discretion, and we make no promises regarding the result of the Sweden visa lottery. This visage is within the ambit of the Swedish Embassy located in the capital territory, Abuja.

That said, you can submit your application form at the Sweden Visa application centre in Abuja, or preferably Lagos.

This is how you can apply

The requirements are:

Your recent biometric passports

The Swedish embassy will need blank pages in two adjacent pages of your passport so they can make visa sticker imprints on them.

Once you have your documents ready, you can submit your Sweden visa application form in any of the Visa Facilitation Services Center in Lagos or Abuja. N.B this is for Schengen non-immigrant visa.

You can take a look at the VFS Center HERE.

Perhaps because of their monolithic history, the Swedish Embassy in Abuja also processes visa applications for individuals intending to migrate to Slovakia or Latvia.

Apart from the Sweden visa lottery, you can apply for immigrating to the other two countries in the Swedish VFS centre.

This can be a bit technical. For instance, prospective immigrants to Latvia will have to provide an invitation letter approved by the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia (OCMA). This is an official request.

OCMA-approved Invitation can be acquired at the OCMA office in Latvia by the inviter. Then the printed original copies of the approved invitation can be submitted, by the person being invited, to the Swedish Embassy.

Note that the visa application must be appended to it.

Also, prospective immigrants who apply for Multiple Entry Schengen Visas will be required to forward demonstrable evidence (usually a written guarantee) of being capable of making the trips involved.

Such immigrants will also need to provide a valid International Health Insurance that covers for the necessary duration of travel.

Further Useful Guides

There are measures put in place to ensure that applicants for the Sweden visa lottery are adequately screened. As such, there are no chances of getting away with submitting fake passports.
NOTE: Anyone who does this is liable to prosecution.
You should endeavour to present documents that will likely boost your prospects. In this regards, you can include your travel insurance and statements as to your financial worth during the application and in-person interviews at Schengen.
Your Sweden visa lottery application becomes illegitimate once it is discovered that the information contained therein is false. Also, if the details you submitted are incomplete, you will most likely not be granted a visa in the long run.

NOTE: the Swedish Embassy can ask for more documents, this right is the Embassy.

Keeping track of your Sweden visa lottery application status

You can keep track of your Sweden visa lottery application status online by including your date of birth and your Passport Number.

The passports are collected in the interval, 10:00 – 16:00 except on weekends.

Additionally, you will be required to come with these when you go to Sweden Visa Application Center to get your passport:

  1. Proof of identity (original copy)
  2. Original copy of payment receipt (this will be provided when you submit required documents)
  3. As there is an age threshold, you will need to provide your birth certificate.

Applicants who request for their passport via a courier service, not within the Visa Application Center should provide the documents below:

  1. Receipt of payment (original copy)
  2. The applicant will have to provide a copy of the waybill
  3. Means of confirming the applicant’s identity