Social Profile View Notification | Google Chrome Extension Download

 Social Profile View Notification: Also popularly known as Facebook profile viewer, which is an extension of Google Chrome. It claims eligibility to send you notifications when a foreign user accesses your profile.

However, the Google Extension alerts you only when the foreign user who accessed your profile is also a user of the Extension.

Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to install and use the Extension and use the social profile view chrome extension.

How to Download the Google Chrome Extension

To install this extension, locate the Social Profile Notification Extension on the Chrome web interface, then install the plugin.

Log on to your Facebook account, you will see a new menu on your Facebook page “visitors”. Click on it, and a list of Facebook visitors will display having the date of visits attached to them.

It’s easy to be true because it is necessary that only the Chrome browser can install the extensions plugin. However, you can’t do this with Facebook alone, because its user’s privacy takes care of important data.

You should also be aware of those that have access to your profile, access, Facebook does not give you access to the user’s information due to its confidentiality.

How to know that who accessed your Profile

Social View Profile Notification: this section of this article will show you easier methods on how to view who’s frequently accessing your profile.

Be aware that there is no official way to access Facebook because such a route does not exist.

Also, be careful when logging in to your Facebook account to services that claim to help you watch those viewing your profile.

How to use Social Profile View Chrome Extension

You will have to use it online first before installing it, to avoid problems. I recommend that this Chrome Extension is the best among others, for knowing those who visited your profile on Facebook through the Chrome web browser.

Immediately you set up the extension on your chrome browser, it will automatically begin to track Facebook users who access your profile account.

Also, it shows you, recent visitors, via scanning information from the LOG file.

For setting up your extension on your browser, follow the steps below:

1. Access your Chrome browser on your PC

2. Search for “Social Profile View Notification”/ click here to access the platform directly.

3. Click on Add To Chrome.

4. You will see a pop-up notification display on the platform, requesting to “add extension or cancel”.

5. Click on Add Extension & activate it.

6. Go to the Social Profile View Notification through your Facebook account.

7. Finally, it’s now set, then open your Facebook account you will see a visitors tab at the top of the bar.

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