Simple Steps on How to Find your Silent iPhone Device 

Simple Steps on How to Find your Silent iPhone Device: This guide is very brief on how to find your silent iPhone when you misplace it. Are you aware that you can now see your lost iPhone even if it is mute? On this chapter, you will be provided a brief guide on how to see your ios device.

Currently, many iPhone users like to set their phone in silent mode because of one reason or the other. Kindly heed the guide below, to get the simple steps on how to find your silent iPhone.

silent iphone

However, Many iPhone users know of the tool called “Find My iPhone” in the device. This tool is commonly known to be helpful when it comes to the trailing of the region of a lost iPhone. Individuals also apply it for cleaning and securing the device when it is lost.

Do you comprehend that you can also refer this tool to find the iPhone device when it is set to DND or silent mode? Make sure that you possess a stable internet connection on your iPhone. Also, ensure you put up and activate the “Find My Phone” element.

How to find your Silent iPhone Device

  • Open your web browser and navigate “” on your PC.
  • Log into your icloud account using your login details. The moment you gain access into your account, you will notice the menu of ios devices linked to that Apple Account.
  • Tap on your iPhone and wait for the 3D display of the phone’s area to zoom in.
  • Check for the “play sound” alternative and tap on it; your device will immediately begin producing loud sounds if it is linked to an active internet.
  • Simply, trail the direction where the sound is coming from, switch off the music the moment you locate your lost silent iPhone.

From the earlier steps, you can comprehend that it is very straightforward and quick. So anytime you don’t know where you placed your device you can apply these steps. Enjoy.


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