Requirements for NIS Recruitment | How to apply for NIS Recruitment

The Nigerian Immigration Service Requirements for NIS Recruitment has been made known to the general public. You can read up the announcement here in this article to examine your prospects of getting recruited in the NIS.

To help with further information about the vacant posts in the NIS, the recruitment team has also furnished you with requirements for NIS Recruitment for different cadres and extra positions in the immigration service.

You can learn more about this opportunity and how best to prepare for the NIS application by reading this post thoroughly.

2021/2022 Requirements for NIS Recruitment Process

You must meet these requirements for the NIS Recruitment process so you can be eligible to apply:

  • You must be a Nigerian or be able to trace your ancestry to Nigeria.
  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years old or less than thirty-six (36) years old.
  • Your height should be 1.7 meters and 1.65 meters for males and females consecutively.
  • Your shoulder span must be at least eighty-seven centimeters in length.
  • You should be proven sound health-wise by a credible health official.
  • You should not apply if you have a deformed body part.
  • Your financial record or business history must be devoid of fraud cases.
  • Also, your reputation gets examined by the NIS. It attempts to avoid recruiting anyone with a prison record or who has a notoriety for criminal charges.

As you can see, the requirements for NIS Recruitment are highly selective and they do not just stop at the list above. The NIS follows up the above list with the extra remarks below.

Applicants who find themselves in any of the following categories should not apply as they have not met the requirements for NIS Recruitment:

  • Do not apply if you have poor eyesight or other related eye problems;
  • You should not apply if you require hearing aids
  • Do not apply if you have had major surgery before
  • Do not apply if you have a flat foot or any other kind of deformity
  • Also, if you have fractured bones and a lisp/stammer, then you should not apply.

The applicants in the above categories are ineligible for the NIS application process and have failed to meet the requirements for NIS Recruitment.

Requirements for NIS Recruitment: Required Academic Qualifications

Here you may find yourself in one of two groups, A and B

Group A:

 You must be able to provide evidence of O ‘level education such as WAEC results or the GCE equivalents. These should include at least three (3) credit passes in English and two more subjects.

Also, you may provide your NECO results or the GCE equivalent and they should include at least four (4) credit passes in English and three other subjects.

You must obtain the results in the first sitting. If you exceed this number, then you can submit your O ‘level results with at least five passes in English and four more subjects gotten after the first sitting.

Group B:

You must provide tertiary certificates such as a National Diploma from a credible institution, an NCE, or Advanced Level GCE results with credit passes in at least two (2) subjects or three if you sat for the exam twice.

Vacant NIS positions

If you have met these requirements for NIS Recruitment, then you can check out the vacant positions in the NIS.

Apply for Superintendent Cadre

If you opt for this position, then you can address the application letter for Assistant Superintendent of Immigration.

Also, you must submit the required details such as

First-class certificate from a credible school

Evidence of NYSC service

Not be less than or more than the required age which is 18 years minimum and 30 years maximum.

Apply for Inspectorate Cadre

The vacant positions in this cadre are Senior Inspector of Immigration and Assistant Inspector of Immigration.

To qualify for these posts, you should be able to provide these details:

  • At least HND from a credible school
  • Not be less than or more than the required age which is 18 years minimum and 30 years maximum
  • Evidence of NYSC service

Specifically, if you wish to apply for the Senior Inspector of Immigration, then you must meet these criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age and not more than 26 years old.
  • Be able to provide evidence of NYSC service.
  • Must provide at least NCE /OND obtained from a credible school.

Apply for Assistant Cadre:

 If you apply for a position in the Assistant Cadre, then you can opt for Immigration Assistant III. Also, you must meet the following requirement for NIS Recruitment in this category such as:

You must be at least eighteen years old and not exceed 25 years of age.

 You must have O/level certificates with credit passes in at least four (4) subjects including English and Mathematics.

Have you met the requirements for NIS Recruitment in the positions listed above? If yes, then learn how to apply for your preferred position below.

How to apply

The NIS advises that you should adhere to the rules on the application page and fill in the form accordingly. Get the form here,

You should ensure that you finish your application before the deadline of the application.

Go through the criteria to understand what need to do

Ensure that you provide your valid email address

You should expect a confirmatory message in the contact you provided in your application form

Once you get the verification code, type it on the specified page to verify the code.

After the last step, your account will then activate so that you can proceed to fill out your NIS recruitment form.

Ensure that you do not leave your profile space empty.

You should also provide the required certificates such as WAEC results or any of the rest.

Additionally, you should fill in the required details in the relevant spaces as you cannot move over to the next stage without first doing it.

Note: you should be careful when you apply for the vacant posts in the Nigerian Immigration Service, and you should not forget to get a printout of the NIS application form.

The NIS encourages you to log in to the NIS official website to get updates on the NIS Recruitment as the NIS recruitment Shortlist gets published on the platform.