Racksterli Online Investment Company | How to Earn on Racksterli

By investing a small capital in Racksterli, you can earn half the value of your investments in 30 days. Racksterlli requires members to share its sponsored ads and, media posts on their social media account. Then it starts paying daily tokens depending on the worth of the investment.

If you wish to invest your money in an online business and gain appreciable daily income from it, then you should read this post carefully. Additionally, you will understand the different investment levels that the company offers. Learn more about the Racksterlli website and how you can earn from the website.

Is Racksterli Scam?

Currently, Racksterlli provides clear terms and conditions to its investors. It also pays in due time. However, many prospective clients have their reservations about the company. This is because Racksterly, now defunct, paid high ROI like Racksterli but suddenly went out of business defrauding its investors.  

For most online business investors, any business paying high Returns on Investment must be running some shady Ponzi scheme. But nothing so far proves that this platform is a sham. So far, it pays duly, and no cases of cheating are forthcoming.

Also, although the mode of operation of the company is transparent, the identity of its owner remains a mystery. Hopefully, the integrity of the transactions handled by the company will not be compromised by his anonymous status. 

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Investment Packages in the Company

Here, you can see the different investment packages for investing in Racksterli.

By default, the company pays as high as 58% Return On investment to its affiliate marketers.

Also, the investment levels come in seven packages:

Emerald Package

Entry Level is N1, 120, 000 at 1.69 million naira profit. (Daily pay per shared post: $148.25)

Ruby Package

Entry Level is N560, 000 at N848, 400 profit. (Daily pay per shared post: $74.42)

 Standard Package

Entry Level is N14, 000 at N21, 670 profit. (Daily pay per shared post: $1.9)

 Platinum Package

The entry-level for this page is N56, 000 at N88, 920 profit. (Daily pay shared post: $7.8)

Premium Package

This package is immediately above the standard package. Also, the entry-level is N28, 000 at N44, 460 profit. (Daily pay per shared post: $3.9)

Gold Package

 This package pays N177, 840 for N112, 000 investment. (Daily pay per shared post: $15.6)

 Diamond Package

As the company pays a higher profit for this package, you can earn N 444, 600 if you invest N 280 000 with the company. (Daily pay per shared post: $39

Also, the company doesn’t require much work from its registered customers. Once you register, you only have to share an advert sponsored by Racksterli on your social media account for a 30-day month.

 To increase your profit margin, you can as well work as a referral for the company. Below are the profits accruing to referrals for all the packages:

  • $11.85 for Gold
  • $18.4 for Emerald
  • Also, $3 for the Standard Package
  •  You can earn $13.16 as a referral for the Diamond Package
  • For each person you refer to Ruby, you earn $15.7
  • Additionally, $10.53 profits for each reference to Platinum
  • Moreover, you can earn $8 for referring a customer to Premium

How to Sign Up on Racksterli

 The sign-up procedure for newbies on the Racksterli Company is simple. They merely have to follow these steps:

  •  First, visit the official Racksterli Website Here
  • Select the Coupon Vendor option
  •  liaise with a coupon vendor so you can acquire a unique code
  •  On the “Register” page, ensure you provide all the required information
  • Finally, you can log in to Racksterli.

How to Share Posts from the Company to your Social Media Accounts 

This procedure for sharing a Racksterli Ad is similar to sharing content to your WhatsApp Status.

As soon as you log in to your social media account, you will see the ad (or post), hit the share icon close by to share the ad (post) to your account. To ascertain the success of this business, you can view your profile on the Company Website. Your profit will increase.

Moreover, for the different investment packages on Racksterli, you can earn a specific percentage of profits by sharing sponsored posts to your Facebook page.

The profits for each package are:

  • Platinum Package: pays $7.8 per ad.
  • Gold Package: pays $15.6 per ad
  •  With the Diamond Package, you can earn $39 per shared ad.
  • Premium Package: with this package, you will earn $3.9 per ad.
  • Sharing an ad on the Standard Package earns you $1.9
  • Note: all of these profits are for sharing the Company’s posts on Facebook.
  • Investor Profit Levels for Referring Someone to the Company Website
  • Like we hinted at initially, you can earn money as a referral on Racksterli. The procedure is as follows:
  • $ 3 for Standard Package$ 11.85 for Gold Package
  • Also, $ 8 for Premium
  • Moreover, the company offers $13.16 for each person you refer to Diamond Package 
  • Lastly, it offers $ 10.53 for Platinum Packages 

Additionally, the company spurs on competent customers with extra profits depending on the number of people they refer to the website.

The following are the different levels involved:

  • The Company pays you $25 for referring ten (10) people to its website
  • For referring up to 25 people to Racksterli, you will earn $100, and $400 for referring a hundred people to the website.
  • Moreover, as a special offer, you can get $ 1000 for referring two hundred people to the company in thirty days. You also get a resubscription prop for the Premium Package if you refer fifty people to the company website before 30 days elapses.

Note: you can earn these extra packages parallel to your normal profits as long as you subscribe to at least the Premium Package.  

 How to Register your Racksterli Prospect

Since this platform is a network of investment avenues, you should learn about the download procedure and how you can invest successfully. Below are the steps you can use to register your Racksterli Prospect:

  • First, get the Racksterli Code Distributors registration code
  • Click on the “Referral” link in your Racksteri Profile
  • Now sign in to your profile with details of your prospect
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  • Then click on the “Register” to finish up the registration.

How You Can Earn on the Platform as a Non-Referral

Do you wonder if it’s possible to earn money on the Company Website without having to refer people to it?

As it happens, it is possible to earn daily tokens from the platform. The referral option on the website only maximizes your earning potential. It is not a stricture on your investments.

Moreover, if you wish to withdraw your profits from the company after investing capital for 30 days, then you can do so. The withdrawal process takes up to twenty-four hours to complete. Within three days, you can be able to withdraw your money. Always feel free to re-enter any of the investment packages, if you withdrew.


Based on discussion so far, you can infer the legitimacy of this online investment company. Several famous actors, socialites, and artistes in Nigeria also invest in the company. None of these men complain of fraud or even delayed payment.

Currently, it seems safe to assume that the company delivers on its own end of the bargain. But eventually, its prospective investors will have to pass the verdict. Share your opinion with us in the comment box below.