Racksterli Office in Nigeria | About Racksterli Login, Racksterli CEO

Many investors in Racksterli are curious about the location of the Racksterli Office in Nigeria. Maybe at some point, you asked for the Racksterli Office yourself. Well, if that is the case, you can learn the location of the Racksterli Office in Nigeria in this post.

Besides, we will also share the name of the Racksterli Company owner and its Cooperate entity holdings as registered under CAC I Nigeria. So, stay with us.

Racksterli Office in Nigeria: About the Platform & Its CEO

You are probably aware of several online investment platforms where you can earn a fixed daily bonus depending on the investor package. Racksterli works like many of these sites. And it also stands out for paying subscribers without exacting hidden charges.

The company is run in Nigeria and allows subscribers to invest through its website. However, for a privately-run company to consistently pay high ROI to subscribers, it raises a few questions here and there:

Who is the CEO of Racksterli? Where is the Racksterli Office in Nigeria located?


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Racksterli CEO/Owner

Racksterli Office in Nigeria: Racksterli is a fully-functional online investment company. It also turns out that the owner of the investment start-up is Michael Oti Chidiebere. And his company, Racksterli,is duly registered with the CAC under the name of BlackGold. 

Moreover, Mr. Michael Chidiebere carries out a three-aspect investment project that involves:

  • Cryptocurrency, Assets/Stocks, Digital Finance, and Equities.
  • Gadgets
  • Real Estate: Survey, Estate Broker, and Surveyor

Although Racksterli is a registered company, its location is a tad elusive. However, since the company runs with BlackGold as a CAC business name, its office is located in BlackGold Fitness. You can reach this location through this address: 30, Alexandra Drive Silver Point Estate Ajah Lagos-27, Lagos, Nigeria.

Most sources state that the Racksterli Office is in Lekki, but how can you confirm this information? Read the next section to learn more about Racksterli Office in Nigeria.

Confirm the Location of Racksterli Office

You may want to confirm that the information about the Rackstetrli Office location is correct. If so, you can follow this procedure: 

  • Go to the official website here.
  • Click on the “contact us” down the page.
  • Go through the few links to Racksterli media outlets to see their different contacts.
  • Copy anyone of Racksterli’s phone number, telegram, or Twitter handle.
  • Then you can reach the company and politely request its office location.

Racksterli Loggin

Are you new to the bevy of daily tokens available to investors in Racksterli? Do you wish to learn more about the website and start investing in its packages right away? Then read this section carefully. 

Racksterli pays a profitable daily bonus in exchange for a few daily tasks. If you only want to invest, however, you can also earn a high ROI in the company.

Follow this procedure to learn about the company’s login method:

  • Go to the official website here.
  • Find “login” on the Website Home page.
  • Click on it
  • But to log in, you need a password and account username. You can acquire this first by opting to register. 
  • After registering on the website, you can continue with the login procedure.
  • The last step involves entering your password and username in the boxes.

Then click on the login icon.

Note: To help you make an informed choice, racksterli has a how it works page that explains the investment packages. Consider checking it out before registering to the website.