PGI Global Update | PGI Website Suspended | Kala Coin

PGI Global Update: PGI Global is an MLM platform that offers trading opportunities, trading Investment, and also, affiliate investment packages.

To get more updates on PGI Global, read through this article. Also, we will explain why PGI Global will soon be suspended, and  more about updates on the kala coin product.

PGI Global Update : CEO MLM Career

PGI Global Update: The owner of PGI Global Company is RV Parafox, whose assistant is Mark Davis, the vice President of PGI Global Trade. He is also involved in the operation of the crypto currency MLM niche.

Whereas, Mark Davis was an executive of AI Trade in which the platform was found as a Ponzi scheme, because of the fraudulent activities carried out on the AI Trade platform.

As at January, 2018, a press release cited palafox, as president of the AI Trade. Currently, he is the head of PGI Global Trade.

Later, the press release concludes that PGI Global Trade is operating a Ponzi scheme.

Due to Palafox’s involvement in different crypto-based companies, he experienced on Defi networks, which makes him a pioneer of the Crypto world.

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PGI Global Update: Website Suspension

Why will PGI Global be suspended? The below information will tell why PGI Global will be suspended.

Suspension of PGI Global is possible. Why? Because the platform’s activities are similar to  Mark Davis’ AI Trade, which has a Ponzi scheme outlook.

At this, you should know that investing with PGI Global is a waste of money and time, because soon the platform will be suspended from their online investment due to fraud.

Another reason for website suspension is due to not offering any product and services only displaying of affiliate investment packages.

Also, similar to AI Trade, PGI Global provides no evidence of external revenue generation. Rather, it uses external revenue to pay returns.

Due to the above remarks, the website might subsequently become invisible on the internet.

 Kala Coin

kala coin is announced by PGI Global for internal cryptocurrency exchanges on its platform. This coin was launched three years ago (that is 2018). The kala coin wallet was launched a month ago; affiliates can now get it.

The adoption of Kala coin implies that PGI Global intends to pay out withdrawals through the Kala coin through the existing Kala coin wallet. For most PGI Global reviews, Kala coin was known as Nui’s exit scam, which was part of the NUI’s Ponzi scheme.

Kala coin was flogged to Nui’s affiliate for 1-5 cents apiece. Now, despite the creation of kala coin was done by PGI Global, Nui affiliates were also able to mine kala coins through Mintage mining.

However, Nui’s Kala coin is not regulated by any crypto SEC firm.

How to sign-up on PGI Global

Below provides the steps on how to sign-up for PGI Global Trade.

  1. To begin visit PGI Global trade official website.
  2. Click on the join now tab above the platform
  3. Enter your first name and last name
  4. Input your email address and verify
  5. Type in your country and postal code.
  6. Agree to the terms and policies provided
  7. Attempt the captcha-challenge
  8. Submit for authentication to finish.

For more details on how to sign-up contact the PGI Global trade support team.

Also, for more information on updates in PGI Global Trade visit official website.

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