PGI Global Support | 200% ROI, 2 Hours Response Time, 93% deficiency

PGI Global Support: PGI Global, also known as Praetorian Group International, is an MLM platform that operates in the cryptocurrency niche. PGI Global Support team helps members to set up their accounts on Binance, which is used as their crypto wallet.

Also, they help in purchasing bitcoins and buying packages. To know more about PGI Global support, Read through this article.

PGI Global Support: About the CEO

 In PGI Global Marketing, the company is controlled by Ramil Ventura Palafox popularly known as RV Palafox. An article release published by a press in January 2018, recorded Palafox as president of AI Trade.

AI Trader is a company that operates on a Ponzi scheme, fronted by Mark Davis, which is now offered a position in PGI Global as the Vice President and the COO. In the same year, Palafox was recorded as someone who practiced several Ponzi schemes.

Further, RV Palafox operates different cryptocurrency-based companies like Bitclub Network, Arbit, Usi Tech, Trade coin club, and CWE. He also has a status as one of the pioneers of the cryptocurrency world. Palafox operates from the Philippines, while Davis Mark lives in Australia.

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PGI Global Support: Products and Services

PGI Global Support team as earlier stated helps members on their platform to purchase packages, which is one of the services offered by PGI

But, according to my researches and observations, PGI Global has no offered products and services, also with affiliate which can market PGI Global Affiliate Membership on its own.

 Affiliate Investment Packages

Investments of bitcoins, done by PGI Global Affiliates, promise their members of an advertised 200% ROI.

Below are the Affiliate packages advertised by PGI Global.

  • Sapphire – investments of $100-$500
  • Ruby – investments of $1000-$10,000
  • Emerald – investments of $20,000-$100,000
  • Diamond – investments of $500,000 and above.

Reaching an active investment of 200%, to continue your earning you re-invest on the package.

Note: in both returns and Commissions PGI global caps withdraw every week at 50% of the largest affiliate investments you have made.

Also, a fee of 8% will be charged during withdrawal.

 Is It Legit Opportunity or a Scam

In my opinion, the working scheme and arrangement of PGI Global look indeed very suspicious. By all indications, the company is a scam.

Moreover, others that have published an article concerning PGI Global claim that it is a fraud. Its business scheme and managing arrangement are similar to that of the AI trade platform.

At this, it is not a good sign, as far as the president of the AI trade and PGI Global, might be under investigation right now.

With the above brief information on PGI Global support, let’s conclude to give you some recommendations.


In this article’s final part, I will be concluding my thought gotten after an overview on PGI Global trade.

I have done well by discussing the head of the company. RV Palafox, who is working hand in hand with the CEO of AI trade Mark Davis, whose platform was seen as a Ponzi scheme.

Also, the products and services offered by PGI Global have been overviewed; in which they do not offer products and services.

The affiliate investment packages were considered on this article. In which to earn more you have to continue re-inventing on the affiliate package.

Finally, I overviewed the credibility of the PGI Global investments. If they offer legit opportunities or a scam.

In which the arrangement of activities and management scheme has similarities with that of the Mark Davis MLM platform.

Note: I recommend that you not trade or invest with PGI Global because its supports and arrangement are similar to that of the Ponzi scheme.

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