Paga Agent: How To Apply And All Requirements

How To Become A Paga agent

Paga agent | Much Nigerian Youth wants to make more cash and are continuous in their quest of additional jobs to perform which won’t take much time but would produce in some income. Do you see yourself as one of these persons? Discover what it takes to be a Paga agent in Nigeria. This new work can change your financial position.

Review On Paga

Paga is the payment network that enables Nigerians to send funds using their mobile devices. It is a fast and straightforward way of transmitting money to any place in Nigeria and also get money from several nations. Paga is now seeking agents to increase the number of representatives all over the land. This indicates you can connect with this group by becoming a Paga agent.


As an agent, operating with customers is what you will be doing, so it is helpful if you possess your course of business or you serve with personalities already. All agents are needed to accomplish the following duty;

– Enroll new customers.

– Give help to Paga users.

– Conclude the financial activities of your customers if they require you to do it for them.

-Assist users to stuff cash into their account.

– Support users to withdraw.


Paga agents make incomes by offering their organization’s services in their areas in Nigeria. There are many advantages to becoming an assistant.

  • To start with, you get a percentage for every activity executed by your customer.
  • Next, you will engage in the exercise designed by Paga.
  • Moreover, your own business gets a lift and tremendous foot traffic gratitude to your private partnership with Paga.

How To Become A Paga Agent

Discover here a comprehensive guide on how to become a Paga agent in any town in Nigeria.

  1.  Visit the only website that belongs to Paga firm at
  2. The website contains so many helpful information on its homepage for you. Read reports and understand how this whole proposal operates and all its obligations. When you are set, start by creating an account, tap on ‘ get started’ (top right side of the homepage) or ‘ get started now.’
  3. Tap on the FAQ (frequently asked questions) tab at the end of the page you will see two divisions for customers and agents.
  4. Tap on the ‘agents’ tab, and you will be notified that all Paga registration; engaged agents are to email their applications right to Try to add your complete name and mobile number data in your email message.
  5. After forwarding your email, a local agent of Paga from your city will contact you and will give additional directions to you on being an ambassador of Paga.

Note: Enrollment cost N20,000 for this service. This fee is paid once before starting giving services to customers and getting your commission on each deal made by your clients on the Paga program.

That is how you be a Paga representative in Nigeria, with a bit of perseverance, it would be a profitable and thriving money-making investment. Becoming a self-sufficient retailer gives many gains. This information is a significant benefit for anyone who yearns to expand, progress and achieve some levels of financial liberty.


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