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Are you interested in contacting Okash customer care support team,? Okash is a banking loan app and loan company that offers loans to their customers from the banks. Due to its popularity, we have no option but to inform you of their and their contact number.

As you scroll through the pages of this article, we emphasized okash customer care contact details, also the way loans are given out on okash.

Okash Customer care contact help members join and retrieve loan from the Okash app.

It is also important to update you on how they can be contacted and, how to contact their customer care from any country you are based in.

The popularity of Okash is now over the whole of Africa, especially in west Africa. Those desiring to process loans from Okash often face problems based on the verification processes, not knowing how to contact the customer care line.

Details About Okash Nigeria

Okash Customer Care Contact: okash can also be referred to as a subsidiary microfinance bank. During the process of breaking into the Nigerian market, Okash had to partner with Opay.

Therefore, Opay is also a financial banking platform and a submission of Paycom licensed by the central bank of Nigeria to provide an honest paying platform for Nigerians who wish to pay bills and buying of airtime online without stress.

But don’t be misinformed; okash partnership with opay is only to help them get into the Nigerian financial market.

Okash was exiting in the Opay app, which was registered and verified by the central bank of Nigeria. But recently Okash is on its own as an independent app for offering loans to their customers.

The movement of Okash from Opay is due to the disagreement and the violation of Google app policy.

Information was given by Opay that with the Okash app, they are free payment of loans within 9o to 356 days, but due to the loan policies agreement to pay within 7 to 15 days is obtained.

Okash Customer Care Details And Support Team

 The above information brought about the misinformation that led Opay to be on probation by the Google play store management list.

This led Okash to move out of the Opay app, and stand independently on the Google play store’s platform.

For full installment of the opay and Okash app, it is not together. They are now independent of each other.

Hence, due to the separation of opay customer care number and Okash customer care number and contact the contact numbers cannot be used.

Loans can only be given to those that have registered for the loan, also to work on Okash you have to pass through capture and little verification.

They are many reasons why you might have been having problems processing your loans. One of those reasons is that you have not met up the requirements.

Requirements okash provides are as follows:

  • An active bank account
  • Your ID card or Drivers license
  • City of residence and full address
  • The purpose of collecting the loan
  • Providing a valid GSM number
  • Your bank card details and email address.

Okash Customer Care Contact

If businesses have to do with okash, not only loans cas be assessable. You can also assess other business activities on okash. These are the contact number to get to the customer care service line:

Email address: support@-okash.com

You can contact the customer care service with the mentioned phone number and email address above. In order for your challenges on getting the customer care contact details to be solved.

For recommendation, if you are not reaching out to the loans on okash you can use a fair money loan as an alternative to getting fast and quick money.

With the above information on how to contact the Okash customer care line, if any questions or contributions we will like you to drop your opinions on the comment box below.

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