NYSC Allowance Increase 2021 – N33,000 Allawee Now Approved by Government

NYSC Allowance Increase 2021 – At long last, after the multiple backs and forths, it looks like the increase of the NYSC allowance to 33,000 Naira was meant to be. The NYSC allawee that used to see N19,800 paid to Corps members as their monthly allowance has been finally augmented by the Federal Government.

New NYSC 33,000 Allowance Approved by F.G

According to a statement by NYSC on its Facebook page, Ibrahim disclosed this when he was on a visit to Bauchi State. He went on to shed more light on the payment plan “contrary to the various amounts being circulated on the social media, the sum of N33,000 had been approved as the new rate” he stated.

He went on to reveal that plans are already set in place for the new payment plan in the national budget of 2021. According to him, the new allowance payment will kick into full effect immediately the money is made available by the appropriate authorities.

Being the Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, stated that the move to increase the corps members’ monthly allowance from the previous amount to the new and better sum is now in full effect.

NYSC Allowance Increased in-line with the New Minimum Wage

The thirty-three thousand Naira allowance is in line with the new national minimum wage plan. The package will henceforth accommodate those serving the country in different parts of the country for a period of one year.

With that said, every National Youth Service Corps member can now look forward to the new NYSC allawee with anticipation. There is a huge belief that the Federal Government has gone a long way to boost the financial might of those who are currently serving or will serve in the future.

Report On NYSC Allowee Increment 2021

Mohammed Momoh, Lagos state coordinator of the NYSC, says the allowee nysc is looking up to the Federal Government to deliver a redundant implementation of the recently signed minimum wage concerning corps members.

“The active date of implementation would be declared on the release and any Corper that happens to be within that said time and is equipped for the NYSC monthly allowee would profit from the increment if and when the implementation begins,” he explains.

“Corps members are citizens, and it is only required that they would profit from the increase. At the set time, the federal government would place the allowance for corps members. This would then be made open by the NYSC.

“I do not doubt that the federal government would do the right thing for the minimum wage.”