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NYSC Allowance 2021 Update – New N33,000 Allowance Implemented at Nysc Portal https://portal.nysc.org.ng/.

The latest NYSC allawee update is here with some exciting piece of information. See all there is to know about the implementation of the 33,000 Naira payment from the usual 19,000 Naira, and when the new amount will come into full effect.

NYSC Allowance 2020

See The New NYSC Allowance 2021 Update

It has been confirmed by the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Director-General (DG), Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim, that the Federal Government has put things in place to start the payment of the long-proposed improved NYSC allowance.

The move is in line with the new National NYSC Minimum Wage plan of the Government of the Federation.

Every serving Corps member is now entitled to the tune of 33,000 Naira allowance in a month. It is a welcome development of which will surely put a smile on the faces of many NYSC members.

When Will New Minimum Wage Allowance be Implemented?

According to the NYSC Director-General, Brigadier General Shuaibu Ibrahim while addressing Corps members at the NYSC Bauchi State Secretariat while on his working visit to the State.

The update was also confirmed on the official Facebook page of National Youth Service Corps, stating clearly that: “provision had been made for the new allowance in the year 2020 Budget, adding that payment would commence as soon as funds are released by the appropriate authorities.”

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A Welcome Development for Corps Members

This is nothing short of great news for those serving the nation in different states and those will serve in the future. Their financial muscle has been given a positive turnaround with this move. Hopefully, it is one of many dividends from the Government in the near future.

New NYSC Allowance 2021 | How Much Does State Pay NYSC Corps Members

Below are the menu of states, and the respective amounts paid to Corps Members as their state allowance.

Federal Government gives N33,000 as established allawee to every serving Corps Members.

Now, let’s see the amount the state government pays also.

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List Of NYSC State Allawee 2021

Note: For you to be qualified to take NYSC Allowance 2021 in most of the places, you must be working in a public school or as a state ministry worker. Those working in private companies will be paid only with agreements with their management.

  1. Anambra = N8,500
  2. Jigawa = N5,000
  3. Niger = N0.00
  4. Imo = N0.00
  5. Ebonyi = N9,750
  6. Nasarawa = N5,000
  7. Akwa Ibom = N5,000
  8. Edo = N0.00
  9. Oyo = N4,000
  10. Kano = N0.00
  11. Rivers = N0.00
  12. Bayelsa pays N6,000 (town) and N10,000 (serving across the water).
  13. Abia = N0.00
  14. Benue = N0.00
  15. Plateau = N0.00
  16. Enugu = N950 (town) and N3,000 (villages).
  17. Sokoto = N45,000 (at the end of service year)
  18. Ekiti = N0.00
  19. Osun = N5,000
  20. Taraba = N6,000
  21. Ondo = N0.00
  22. Ogun = N0.00
  23. Borno = N10,000
  24. Delta = N5,000
  25. Gombe = N0.00
  26. Lagos = N10,000
  27. Bauchi = N0.00
  28. Kaduna = N0.00
  29. Zamfara = N5,000
  30. Cross-River = N0.00
  31. Kwara = N0.00
  32. Abuja = N0.00
  33. Kogi = N0.00
  34. Katsina =N3,800 (for only 3months)
  35. Yobe = N0.00


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