NIS CBT Shortlist 2021 | Get Full PDF of NIS CBAT Shortlist

The NIS CBT 2021 Shortlist is accessible on the NIS website. Learn how to check if you made the NIS shortlist for the 2021 candidates in this post.

If you applied for the NIS recruitment and hope to write the NIS CBAT Exams, then be informed that the NIS CBT 2021 Shortlist is out. You can access it right now. So how can you do this? Where can you do it? We will guide you on how to access the NIS Shortlist in this post. 

Published NIS CBT 2021 Shortlist

As we said, the NIS CBT 2021 Shortlist has been published by the organization since the start of the NIS computer screening that was overseen by CDCFIB.

You can now check your name on the NIS shortlist regardless of the state you reside in currently. 

Keeping with the CDCFIB directive, you should always look for updates about the NIS CBT 2021 Shortlist in your email through the phone number you submitted in the Application Portal. If there is any news about the NIS shortlist, you can be able to see it there. 

Current Status of NIS Application Portal

You cannot access NIS Application Portal right now. It is because the NIS has begun the CBT screening in the thirty-six (36) states in the country. 

Based on this, we would like to inform you that the NIS CBT 2021 Shortlist is out. Check the list immediately to verify if you are eligible to apply for the ensuing NIS CBT exam this year.

Note: you can no longer access the application portal. Check the NIS Official website to see more information. 

If you do not have immediate access to the NIS 2021 Shortlist, you should wait. It will likely be available soon. Also, if your name appears on the list, then go for the NIS CBT exam this December. So how do you check the NIS list?

How to Access the NIS 2021 Shortlist

You can follow these steps to check the NIS 2021 shortlist for your name:

If you wish to download the PDF, then you can follow the simple procedure below:

  • Use a reliable browser to login to immigration recruitment-org-ng 
  • Provide your current phone number in the specified box
  • Then find and click on the “Check” bar to view the shortlist.

Note: beware of third parties offering to help you make the NIS shortlist for a fee. The NIS recruitment team does not work with any facilitators.

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